Wednesday 21 January 2009

Private Line

Private Line:

Scabal is taking personalisation just one step further. As of now, there is the possibility of weaving a name or a message into the fabric.
This new collection has very appropriately been named "Private Line". In this very elegant way, Scabal is implementing the general trend for increased personalisation. Thanks to new technology, it is now possible to weave complete sentences, and this in an uninterrupted line or with spacing.
There is no limit as regards the length of the sentence, so your power of imagination or personalisation will know no bounds! It's all a question of creating something very personal.
Instead of a name, it is also possible to weave text into the fabric, for example for a personal motto, a message of love, the name of a company or club, or even a poem. Or perhaps a wedding date or a date of birth, a case of never ever forgetting anniversaries or birthdays again. This enables a customer to have a joke in a banker's suit, which normally stands for something serious and business-like. He could order the following sentence to be woven into the fabric: "If you can read this, you are standing far too close". By the tone and the content of the message, you will see the human side of the businessman.

22ct Gold Fabric

Gold Treasure:

In line with its tradition of luxury and exclusivity, Scabal has developed Gold Treasure, a fabric made from 22 carat gold and fine count Super 150's, from a rare bale of 15.5 micron Australian Merino wool. It represents not only the finest English craftsmanship, but is a genuine treasure trove, as its only decoration is 22 carat gold.
The production process took a long time to get a perfect result. The aim was to produce a cloth that represented not only a superb piece of craftsmanship but would also offer the reliability and performance qualities that are such an important factor in modern fabric and yarn technology. This precious cloth comes in classic dark shades of black, charcoal and navy blue so that the brilliance of the gold threads is set off against the dark background shades and immediately becomes the focus of attention. As a result of the complex production process and very fine yarn count, Gold Treasure will only be available in limited quantities to a very exclusive clientele.

Diamond Chip Fabric

Diamond Chip
Perhaps men are not so easily seduced by jewellery, but they will certainly appreciate this tailor-made gem of a suit. For all the men out there who insist upon a “Rolls Royce” suit, Scabal has designed a cloth which incorporates diamond fragments. This new fabric range, which has been christened “Diamond Chip”, comes in a variety of patterns and colours. Anyone who mentions luxury suits, automatically thinks of Scabal. Constantly striving for innovation, Scabal created in 2001 the first cloth containing diamond fragments, entitled“Diamond Chip”. This involved a great deal of research and development. After all, it was not Scabal's intention to design a museum piece, but instead to design a cloth that could be turned easily into a stylish and elegant suit.
The diamond chips are processed into the cloth as soon as the wool has been cleaned and combed. Microscopically small diamond fragments are then spread on the wool, and it is only then that the wool is spun. The result is a shiny thread to be woven into exceptional fabrics. The latter not only shine literally and figuratively, but they also feel comfortable and hang beautifully. Scabal never sacrifices comfort for the sake of beauty.
The success of the launch in 2001 exceeded all expectations. In view of the immense demand, Scabal has now decided to develop another brand-new fabric range on this theme. The new 2007 “Diamond Chip” range comprises no less than 23 different patterns and colours; the largest collection ever. The cloth consists of a Super 150's wool (80 %) – into which diamond fragments have been processed – and pure silk (20 %). Once again, the cloth is being woven at Scabal's own weaving-mill in Huddersfield (UK). The subtle grey, brown, and blue tints, the woven stripy patterns and the semi-plain patterns do perfect justice to the sparkling diamonds. Ideal for men who like celebrating in sheer luxury.
The 2007 “Diamond Chip” collection is available at all luxury menswear stores in the 65 countries where Scabal has a presence. The fabric is packaged as befits a true jewel, that is to say, in a luxury box with its own “Diamond Chip” fabric label. The quallity guarantee statement “Scabal – Super 150's – Silk with diamond fragments – made in England” is woven into the selvedge of the fabric. The fabric is 150 cm wide and weighs 260 grammes/metre.

Monday 19 January 2009

Rob and Jodies Wedding October 2008

A very belated CONGRATULATIONS to Rob and Jodie.

Rob, Peter and I all had suits made using our made-to-measure service for Robs wedding in October 2008.

Rob (the Groom) chose a stunning chocolate fabric. The fabric is from Holland and Sherry and is a classic English worsted. It is superfine, luxurious and lightweight. It is an amazing piece of fabric!

Rob had a slim lined tailored single breasted suit. With a one button peak lapel style, slant side pockets and vents. The suit is a 3 piece, but Rob chose to wear an Ivory waistcoat and tie for the day. Changing into the matching waistcoat in the evening for a boogie!

2009. Whats happening? The Early Predictions ..

We may only be 3 weekends into 2009 but already we are getting a feel for the year. We have been over-awed with the level of early enquiry. We have had 3 full Saturday appointment books with appointments running all day and over lapping. We have met lots of new customers who are enquiring after new and interesting things. We are being asked for lots of things but here is a list of some the most popular enquiries:

  • Made To Measure Suits and Shirts.

  • Hiring Tailored Lightweight Lounge Suits (the Worcester)

  • Grey Suits in all styles.

  • 100% Pure Silk Waistcoats
  • Royal Blue Suits

  • Brown Tail Suits
  • Brown Lounge Suits

Those are the most popular items we are being asked for. But we have been booking a whole variety of different outfits. The styles are leaning towards a slimline tailored cut and the colours are varied yet grey and blue suits with purple seems very popular.

We are advising any customer who requires wedding suits for 2009 to book an appointment ASAP as we will only book limited numbers of wedding suits per weekend. The popular items will be booked on a 'First Come First Served' basis.
If you need any information on availability please do not hesitate to email me directly:

Thursday 8 January 2009

Hire Brochure

If you would like to request a copy of our 'Hire Brochure' do not hesitate to contact us. Please email your name and postal address and we will send a hard copy in the post ASAP. We can also enclose samples of fabric if you request a shade or type.

Please be aware we DO NOT deliver our hire suits any more.


2009 off to a flyer!

2008 was an incredible year for us all at Jack Bunneys. We enjoyed a demand for our services which we could barely keep up with. Peter, Rob and I were working 7 days a week for nearly 6 months!

We discussed our predictions for 2009 and we all assumed that with the current economic climate there was no way that this success could be repeated in 2009!

However the signs are encouraging. We have more bookings for 2009 than we did at this stage last year! we have bookings up to the end of October! We have had a couple of fantastically busy Saturdays! and a lots of encouraging enquiries, phone calls and emails!

The signs are looking good but it is early days as yet.

However I would advise (just to be sure) book early!

Credit Crunch Busting Deals??? in a way ..

The credit crunch has affected as all in one way or another. We are all feeling the pinch. So what are we at Jack Bunneys doing about this shortage of currency?

Are we slashing our prices by 70%? (NO)

Are we going to import cheaper products from China? (Nope)

Are we going to cut back on our service to save money? (not a chance)

We are not going to subscribe to any of those theories. Instead we will insist our products are made in factories which have the correct labour laws and environmental regulations. We will insist our products meet our high standards and we will endeavour to offer the best possible service we can in the same way that we have done for the last 50 years.

In times of hardship consumers will turn to quality. When the consumer has surplus cash it is easy to sell disposable garments which barely see a seasons worth of wear. But when the consumer has no longer got that surplus cash, the customer begins to research other methods of saving money. Such as:

Buying quality products which will last.

Buying classic designs which do not date

Buying from a shop which offers service (in case there is an issue with the garment)

If you buy clothing which is suitable to the right task that product will then last that much longer. To buy these correct products you need a shop which can offer you expert advice you can trust. How many department stores sales representatives would you trust? Small business's offer the only alternative in the Credit Crunch busting world. Real advice from experts could save you hundreds. Yes you will pay more than in a supermarket, but by building a relationship with your small local business you will in essence create your own guarantee, a returns policy that not even Marks and Spencer could match.


The next time you are searching for a bargain, stop. Think about spending more. But rather than just spend more, get the CORRECT advice and spend more on an item which will last.

Credit Crunch Busting advice from Marc @ Jack Bunneys :)