Tuesday 9 February 2010

Who has travelled the furthest?? Competition Update Number 1

Having announced our new competition this morning to find the couple who have travelled the furthest to book 'Wedding Hire Suits' with our shop in East London. I have the first update.

These are the standings as of today (9-2-2010), I am only including actual paid for bookings in 2010.

1. Cardiff - 162 mi - wedding date 17-4
2. Lincolnshire - 126 mi - wedding date 7-8
3. Portsmouth - 106 mi - wedding date 15-5
4. Northampton - 84 mi - wedding date 4-6
5. Northampton - 80.9 mi - wedding date 8-5
6. Brighton - 71 mi - wedding date 26-2
7. Ashford - 67 mi - wedding date 6-8
8. Guildford - 66.6 mi - wedding date 2-10
9. Basingstoke - 64.1 mi - wedding date 31-7
10. Berkhamstead - 48.1 mi - wedding date 4-6

Congratulations to you all and a HUGE!! thank you to you all!

At this present time 162 miles is the most anyone has travelled to book wedding suits with us however it is only February and I have no doubt that will be beaten by the end of the year!

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New Competition Win a Champagne Hamper - Who has Travelled the Furthest???

New Competition Win a Champagne Hamper.
Who has Travelled the Furthest???

We are a very lucky little business, we have customers travel from all over the U.K to hire our wedding suits.
With customers travelling from as far south as Devon, Cornwall and Jersey and as far north as Newcastle, Carlisle and Edinburgh.

With this in mind we are starting a new competition. The couple who book their wedding suits with us and live the furthest away from our shop will receive a Champagne Hamper* at the end of the year.

I will keep everyone updated as to who is currently winning once a fortnight or so.
Thank You
Good Luck
*champagne hamper will be purchased at despatched at the end of 2010. The winner will be decided on the 1st of December 2010. By booking a group wedding suit hire order of 4 or more people you automatically are entered into the competion. There is no other way to enter this competition.

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2010 so far so good.....

This year has had a magnificent start, our wedding hire business is as busy has it has ever been. we now have orders all the way up to 2011 and have some weekends in 2010 already fully booked.

If you like our products and intend to use our services, please try to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

The most popular ranges are 'The Worcester' , 'Oxford Premium' , 'Warwick in Brown' and 'The Kensington'

The most popular colours are :

1. Blue

2. Grey

3. Brown

4. Black

If you are hoping to hire any of the above suits in the most popular colours please telephone for availability before making an appointment.

Appointments are also becoming heavily booked on Saturdays, we have been fully booked each Saturday since Christmas, our next available Saturday appointment is the 6th of March. If you would like visit us on weekday there is no appointment necessary.

It is proving to be an amazing 2010 and I cannot believe it is only February!

Thank you to all of our customers for be so amazing!