Wednesday 21 January 2009

22ct Gold Fabric

Gold Treasure:

In line with its tradition of luxury and exclusivity, Scabal has developed Gold Treasure, a fabric made from 22 carat gold and fine count Super 150's, from a rare bale of 15.5 micron Australian Merino wool. It represents not only the finest English craftsmanship, but is a genuine treasure trove, as its only decoration is 22 carat gold.
The production process took a long time to get a perfect result. The aim was to produce a cloth that represented not only a superb piece of craftsmanship but would also offer the reliability and performance qualities that are such an important factor in modern fabric and yarn technology. This precious cloth comes in classic dark shades of black, charcoal and navy blue so that the brilliance of the gold threads is set off against the dark background shades and immediately becomes the focus of attention. As a result of the complex production process and very fine yarn count, Gold Treasure will only be available in limited quantities to a very exclusive clientele.

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