Thursday 21 May 2009

Made-To-Measure Suit Vs Bespoke Tailoring

For us here at Jack Bunneys there is a definitive difference between a Made-To-Measure Suit and a Bespoke Suit. However it seems that other tailors are not always in complete agreement of our definition. Its seems that some consider that a choice is enough to constitute the word 'Bespoke'
The defination of 'Bespoke : to be custom made' has become the accepted one. Like all words or phrases this has developed because of popular use, you can purchase bespoke curtains, bespoke arm-chairs, bespoke wall paper and just about anything bespoke.
The word 'Bespoke' derives from Saville Row, the home of tailoring and it was used to describe a bolt of cloth which had been 'spoken for' ie. reserved for a customer prior to cutting.
It is because of the origins of this word that I believe the word 'Bespoke' should be reserved for garments made in the spirit of Saville Row.
Mass-Produced, factory engineered garments should not (in my opinion) be labled with the exclusive Bespoke tag, despite a choice of fabrics, linings and style options.

That is why here at Jack Bunneys we clearly label all of our products and services. We will honestly tell you the method which your garment has been produced. We are proud of all of our services whether factory or hand-made.

Made-To-Measure Suit. - Our made-to-measure suits are factory made, in Germany by top formalwear factory Odermark. We are proud of our Made-To-Measure suit partner and we believe they offer one of the best products in the market. They use the finest manufacturing techniques and the choice of the worlds best fabric. They tie all of this quality together using the latest modern tailoring technology.

Bespoke Tailoring - Our bespoke suits are hand-cut and hand-made on the premises. They require a minimum of 4 fittings. They include horse-hair canvas, hand-padded collars and hand-made buttons holes as standard.

Made-to-Measure Suit

Bespoke Tailoring

Tuesday 12 May 2009

Wedding Season

The wedding season has well and truly arrived!!

It has been a busy non-stop year so far. We have booked an unprecedented amount of wedding orders this year. 2009 is proving to be one of our most busiest wedding seaons ever!

We have had a spectacular response to some of our ranges. The Worcester and the brown suits are being booked MONTHS in advance and we currently have bookings up until February 2010 for both ranges.

The Worcester in Grey has been the most popular range and there is VERY LIMITED availability for 2009. With only a few weekends available for new bookings.

The Warwick Brown Lounge Suit is also proving popular with limited availability throughout the wedding season.

If you require any of our most popular ranges for 2009:

  • Worcester

  • Warwick

  • Oxford

  • Cambridge

Please telephone or email for availability of these ranges throughout 2009.