Wednesday 27 February 2008

50th Anniversary - THANK YOU.

On the 17th of February Jack Bunney Ltd. Celebrated its 50th year as a Limited company. Our local newspapers decided to join in and write an article about our 50 years in business. The local newspapers then asked some of our business partners to advertise on the same page and leave a message for our anniversary. It was a lovely gesture and certainly appreciated by all of us here at Jack Bunneys.

Thank you, very much guys it is a pleasure working with you all.

Thank You:

Mike @ Bruno-saint-hilaire

Greg @ Odermark


Peter @ Brook Taverner

Andy and Julie @ Wilvorst

Andrea @ Victoria and Edward

Tuesday 26 February 2008

Holland And Sherry

Once again our business has evolved. We recently introduced a new made-to-measure suit service to compliment our bespoke suit service. This service has become so popular that we are expanding the cloth ranges available. We are adding the Very BEST fabrics in the world.

H o l l a n d & S h e r r y H i s t o r y

Founded in 1836, Holland and Sherry is one of the oldest established cloth weavers and merchants in the world. Having been with the company for over 40 years Charles Stewart, Company Chairman, ensures that the company still retains a family atmosphere offering customers luxury service.

S u p e r F i n e W o o l Q u a l i t i e s
Written by Charles Stewart, Chief Executive, Holland & Sherry.Why are they now available?
The wool fibres required to produce these ultra fine qualities have always been available from fine Merino sheep albeit in limited qualities.
As tastes have increased for more aesthetic 'handle/feel' in luxurious qualities at higher prices - so the sheep farmer has been encouraged (by price) to take greater care of selected Merino sheep and to then sort out the finest throat and underbelly fibres into special lots. These special lots of fibres are then further subdivided/sorted by micron count:
14 to 15 micron fibre thickness = Super 170's15 to 15.5 micron fibre thickness = Super 150's15.5 to 16 micron fibre thickness = Super 140's16 to 16.5 micron fibre thickness = Super 130's and so on
How do they perform?
This depends on how thick, or thin, a yarn is spun to. Obviously such very fine fibres can be spun to very fine yarns. In fact most spinners accept this as a challenge, i.e. Who can spin the finest yarn? Doing this, as with the Holland & Sherry 'Masterpiece' quality produces 150/2 metric yarn, and an ultra lightweight cloth.
At Holland & Sherry - we have gone the other way and spun fine 16 micron fibres deliberately to thicker yarns 60/2 metric - to produce our 'Victory' qualities. The merit being a thicker and more rounded yarn where clients can not only feel the quality of these ultra-fine fibres but also that the cloth qualities are more robust. Our Victory quality Super 130's is in fact finer than most commercial cashmere.

Super what-now???

Super 90's, super 100's, super 120's, super 140's, super 150's and even super 250's!!!
We in the tailoring profession, use these phrases everyday when selling suits to our potential customers. But how many people know what these phrases actually mean? Only recently, a customer asked me to perform an alteration on a suit which he had purchased as a super 140's wool, the customer in question was proud of his expensive suit and took great pleasure in explaining the wonders of a super 140's wool suit. However on closer inspection it became obvious that the wool had indeed been pulled over this gentleman's eyes, the suit was in fact a poly/wool and only natural fibres can be categorized as a super fabric.
So I here I have posted some information about what makes a wool: Super! If you ever find yourself in a situation where the smooth sales guy is explaining the delights of a super wool, ask him what the average Micron Fineness is in Super140's. I think he may just be speechless!
You will find hereafter the fabric standards set by the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO). The IWTO is the international body representing the interest of the worlds wool-textile trade and industry. More information on
Super 80's 19.5
Super 90's 19.0
Super 100's 18.5
Super 110's 18.0
Super 120's 17.5
Super 130's 17.0
Super 140's 16.5
Super 150's 16.0
The micron assessment is taken from an average of the warp and weft yarns in a woven fabric.
The word "SUPER" is restricted to use on pure wool fabrics, including those made from wool blended with fine animal hairs and silk.

Monday 18 February 2008

Rate us! ..... (be kind)

Hello All !!

I am doing my best to keep this blog updated with all the comings and going at JackBunneys, however it has been very, very busy! And I have not quite had the time I usually would at this time of year to devote to this blog, but I am getting there.

I hope that one of the reasons that we are busy, is our customer service. I believe we have very high standards and I now we all try to be the best we can in this department.

If you have used our service and want to leave some feedback for us, why not use the site Its a site I use alot, I check out services and products before I buy/use them jus to see other peoples opinion. I have added our company onto here and if anyone wants to leave a review, feel free.

click here to review Jack Bunneys

more wedding fayre pics (brown)

more wedding fayre pics (black and white)

more wedding fayre pics

Brentwood Wedding Show, pics

Our Stand

Peter and I

Brown Wedding Suits

Thats Me! the funny lookin' fella at the front

and thats Peter in the back.

Essex FM Wedding Fayre

Another year at the Brentwood wedding fayre has come and gone. Once again it seems this show is our most popular and most succesful. With a huge amounts of positve response on all the outfits we created for this year.

The black and white outfits were especially popular. The browns are still amazingly popular. Lightweight fabrics and tailored styles were what the people wanted!

We all had a great time too.

And whilst we were there, our business became 50 years old!

Wednesday 6 February 2008

2009 already?

Had another busy weekend, which then rolled into Monday and Tuesday. This busy period has been capped off by purchasing some new stock for the 2009 season.

Although Brown is still a hugely popular colour, we will not be adding any new browns for the 2009 season. Instead there will be more blacks and greys (traditional wedding colours) but nin lightweight, stylish, modern fits and cuts. Tailored jackets in slim-fits, 1 button single breasted styles with peak (DB shape) lapels.

These suits will be available to hire in 2009 and will have matching Tail suits ot compliment them.

In 2009 then we will be using more lounge (normal) suits, but in more luxurious fabrics and tailored fits. A return to tradition but with a twist of luxury.

I will keep you posted with the latest cuts and fits as and when I get images.

Tuesday 5 February 2008

Essex FM Wedding Fayre

The largest regional Wedding Fare in Essex is set celebrate an amazing 21 year’s of helping couples plan their perfect day! With celebration being the theme there are going to be many extra special touches and surprises throughout the weekend. Including a champagne reception to greet all guests on arrival each day.
The exhibition which takes place on Saturday 16th and Sun 17th February 2008 at the Brentwood Centre, Essex will feature every thing any bride or groom would need to know to really make that special day a day to remember forever.

From veils to champagne fountains to bridal shoes and bands all set to amaze your guests. Plus a chance to to find out hot tips from the experts as to how make sure your hair and make up look their very best, plus much much more……..
Not forgetting your chance to win a massive £500 each day in our Essex FM Runaway Bride competition, simply listen in to Essex FM find out more.
Following the success of last exciting interactive zone where visitors can pick up handy hints from the experts along the way. The Essex FM demonstration theatre allows you to watch, listen and enjoy workshops focused on different aspects of planning your wedding from top style tips to the very best in wedding etiquette.
Plus the new look showcase of the latest fashion trends in bridal wear and accessories is back for a breathtaking second year. A truly inspirational fashion show with a real edge is this year themed around Rock & Romance bringing a taste of the very best of local bridal wear to Essex.
Click here For DISCOUNTED Entry

50 Years! 12 Days to Go!

50 Years

50 Years, not a bad achievement for a little company from East London, but we have made it!

In 12 days time we will be celebrating our half-century. We will be celebrating our birthday by doing what we do best . . . working!

We will be at the Brentwood wedding show on that day, showing the good peoples of Essex, exactly what we can do.

The Brentwood wedding show is run by Essex FM and is the weekend of 16th and 17th February at the Brentwood Centre.

If you are in the area and want to pop along, try to remember to wish old Jack Bunneys a Happy Birthday!