Monday 19 January 2009

2009. Whats happening? The Early Predictions ..

We may only be 3 weekends into 2009 but already we are getting a feel for the year. We have been over-awed with the level of early enquiry. We have had 3 full Saturday appointment books with appointments running all day and over lapping. We have met lots of new customers who are enquiring after new and interesting things. We are being asked for lots of things but here is a list of some the most popular enquiries:

  • Made To Measure Suits and Shirts.

  • Hiring Tailored Lightweight Lounge Suits (the Worcester)

  • Grey Suits in all styles.

  • 100% Pure Silk Waistcoats
  • Royal Blue Suits

  • Brown Tail Suits
  • Brown Lounge Suits

Those are the most popular items we are being asked for. But we have been booking a whole variety of different outfits. The styles are leaning towards a slimline tailored cut and the colours are varied yet grey and blue suits with purple seems very popular.

We are advising any customer who requires wedding suits for 2009 to book an appointment ASAP as we will only book limited numbers of wedding suits per weekend. The popular items will be booked on a 'First Come First Served' basis.
If you need any information on availability please do not hesitate to email me directly:

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