Thursday 31 January 2008

A little Bunney History

Jack Bunneys is FIFTY in Feb, so I thought it might be a good idea to give you a history lesson! Yeah! History, now sit down, don't fiddle with your shatter proof rulers or pull the girl in fronts hair. Stay seated and absorb the riveting history of the Bunney . . . . .

A Long .....
Long ....
Time Ago
In A Galaxy
Away ....

Jack Bunney Limited was established as a Limited company on the 17th February 1958.

Originally based at number 36 Longbridge Road close to the Rio Cinema (which became the Barking Odeon) it moved to number 50 Longbridge road in the late 70’s.

Jack Bunneys, opened as a Bespoke Tailor in 1958 and flourished, making suits, by hand, for the people of East London throughout the 50’s and 60’s.

Jack’s eye for quality, style and attention to detail become synonymous with the shop and it enjoyed many periods of popularity in the 60’s and 70’s. In this period Jack Bunneys introduced a ready-to-wear collection and evening hire.

The evening hire and work rooms were located upstairs in the shop at number 36 whilst bespoke fittings were done downstairs in the shop front.

In the late 70’s the shop moved. Just a few doors down to number 50! This shop had just the one floor and in this shop were located workrooms, evening hire and ready-to-wear.

Jack retired in the early 80’s. However the shop remained. Now owned by previous employees of Jack’s the shop once more went through a transformation. This time adding top European branded clothing and wedding hire services. Jack Bunney Limited once more enjoyed a period of increased popularity. As the 80’s boom increased the appetite for top European clothing the ready-to-wear collections grew, incorporating more and more casual wear. All the while made-to-measure became less popular.

The nineties saw an increase in Jack Bunney’s hire department. Each year saw an increase in the range of wedding and evening hire. Whilst still enjoying growth in the ready-to-wear collections. Casual wear became less popular and formal clothing became a speciality for Jack Bunneys. Evening Wear, Formal Functions, Corporate Events and Weddings became the mainstay of the business. Suits were still being made by hand but less and less.

The year 2000 saw a change in fashions once again. This time the fitted, tailored look became popular and made-to-measure suits were once more in vogue. This led to an increase in hand-made suits as well as an increase in the hire business as more couple chose a traditional theme for their weddings.

Throughout the 2000’s Jack Bunneys reputation has grown. With more and more service being introduced every year, the popularity and desire for the unique services of Jack Bunney Limited seem as strong as ever.

2008 sees the golden anniversary of Jack Bunney limited. In this anniversary year Jack Bunneys is adding to its all ready considerable number of services. Adding a prestige “Made-To-Measure Suit” service, which utilises the latest technologies and the experience of bespoke tailors.

Yet Another Brown Suiit - new 2008

The Spring / Summer stock has started to arrive.

Formalwear garments are featuring browns/coppers/oranges and Bronze. The styles are slim fitting tailored garments. In one button and two button styles. Highly suppressed at the waist, to give a more fitted tailored look.

The materials and fabrics featured this season are pure luxury. Superfine lightweight fabrics, in satins, kid mohair and cashmere.

The pictured suit is one that arrived this morning, it is also available in black, navy and maroon. The colour shown here is Bronze. The fabric is a superfine, lightweight satin Made in Biella Italy. The suit is Made-to-order in Germany by Wilvorst. The style is a slim, 2 button single breasted style with side vents, with covered buttons and pocket details. All the accessories are made by us here.

Tuesday 29 January 2008

New Sample Colours

Here are some of the sample waistcoats we have recently made. They are pure silk, hand-woven dupion silk. The colours are Lemon, Copper, Mocha and Parisian Pink.

They are made by hand here on the premises by our resident Bespoke Tailor (Peter) they have floating canvas's, silk facings, silk covered buttons, silk back strap and a high quality satin back.

My Favourite is the Lemon, however they will all look fantastic!

Monday 28 January 2008


Over the last few weeks in Jack Bunneys, we have been kept very busy! Very BUSY indeed. Because of the general manic nature of the last few weeks, I have been forced to make the following announcement on our website.

Due to the high demand for our services at the moment we have been forced to make the following changes:
Although it is not our usual procedure to see our customers by appointment we will be running an appointment system as from Monday the 4th of February, for group fittings of more than 3 people.
As usual there is no appointment necassary for your initial consultation, or for group fittings of 1 to 3 people.
We apologise for any inconveniance caused, this is due to the high-volume of enquiries we have received for the 2008 season.
Click Here to send an email and book an appointment.

Saturday 19 January 2008

Aqua Cravats

After some early research, it seems that in 2008 one of the most popular accent colours for weddings will be the AQUA shades of blue. With this in mind we have added some new colours of cravats.

We make all of our cravats and we made these on Saturday 19th January. Which was a ridiculously busy day! We made thee cravats in the morning and then spent the rest of the day with customers, with out a break, a drink or even lunch!

It does seem on the early evidence that 2008 will be one of the busiest years yet for Jack Bunneys !

Thursday 17 January 2008

Of Cloth and Men

Fabrics, what are they? Where do they come from?


Mohair comes from the Angora goat and South Africa is the n° 1 producer. It is one of man's oldest fibres and was first used 3,400 years ago. The best quality comes from a region of the world that anthropologists call the cradle of the human race: the Camdeboo region. It is a desolate area in South Africa where the Bushmen live in harmony with untamed nature.

It gives smooth, shiny and hard wearing fabrics.

Fineness is from 24 to 26 micron (µ) for the young mohair (Kid mohair) and 36µ for the adult mohair.

Fine mohair is blended with wool.


Cotton is a vegetable fibre grown in the America and Europe.

It's properties are: naturally strong, soft and cool with a fineness of 12 to 20 micron (µ) and a length of 2 to 5cm.


Linen is a vegetable fibre taken from the latin linium usiatissimum.

It is very hard wearing and cool with a fineness from 15 to 18 micron (µ) and a length of 7.5 to 15 cm.


Polyester is man-made and the result of a chemical reaction.

Properties: Easy care, resistant to stains and creasing and is washable.


The wool fibre is found in the fleece of the sheep.

The fine wools come from the Merino sheep. Australia is the No.1 producer.

It is light, voluminous, able to absorb humidity and an insulator.

The length, diameter, amount of crimp and strength between fibres vary. It is these properties that determine the value of wool.

The unit of measure for fineness is micron (µ)


Silk is the secretion of the Bombyx moth or Bombyx mori and the fibre is taken from the cocoon.

There are also wild silks of Tussah and Duppioni.

It is naturally shiny, smooth and extremely fine, with a finenesse of 9 to 11micron (µ) and a length of 800 to 1,200 mtrs.


Vicuna is made from the vicuna llama, a rare and protected animal which lives in herds in the Andes of Peru at an altitude of 5000 mtrs.

It is the finest and rarest natural fibre with a fineness of 10 to 13 micron (µ) and a length of 20 to 25 mm.

Vicuña is the nec plus ultra of woollen fabrics and is four times more expensive than cashmere. This is due to its rarity and its luxurious characteristics.

The wool from the vicuña has always been a rare and expensive commodity. Ten thousand years ago, at the time of the Incas, wearing clothes made from vicuña wool was a privilege reserved only for the Inca leader. And vicuña was also referred to as “the fabric of the gods”.


Cashmere is made from the very fine undercoat of the cashmere goats in Central Asia, cashmere fibre is carefully combed out, not shorn.

The finest goats are to be found in Mongolia. Of all natural animal fibres currently available, cashmere is one of the finest and softest.

Its limited supply and luxurious texture make it an extremely exclusive and sought after material which provides its wearer with soft, warm and light garments.


Yet Another article I wrote, this one for :

The Groom and His Party – Breaking the Rules!!

“What should the Groom wear?”

“What should the Father of the Bride wear?”

These are the types of questions that I get asked every day. As a business that has been established since 1958 we often get asked about the rules of etiquette regarding men’s wedding attire.

In years gone by we may have responded with: “Morning Tails are the correct dress for the wedding party, sir” and then proceeded to wander around with a tape measure occasionally raising an eyebrow.

I am sure we have all seen our parents wedding pictures and seen our dads wince as he remembers his wedding suit. This is because in the not-so distant past, rules and etiquette determined how a man should dress for his wedding.

It is now my great pleasure to report that, finally, things have changed!! Rules are no longer necessary; etiquette can be transformed, re-invented or consigned to the dust-bin.

But what do we do now? Now there are no rules, what should the Groom, Best-Man, Father of the Bride and Ushers actually wear? That is where we come into this, the professionals.


Tails Suits (Top Hat & Tails) is the most traditional of the wedding suits. Tails look great in the right settings (churches, listed buildings etc.) They are timeless and if you are a traditionalist these are perfect


They are traditional & Timeless.

They cutaway at the front, this is useful if you are not over endowed with long legs (you see more of them)

They are low buttoning, so you see more of the waistcoat.


They are very traditional!

They are long at the back.

They have a yoked back, therefore are tighter across the back.

¾ Length Suits (Edward):

This is the offspring of the tail coat. The more modern alternative to classic morning wear. They are 3 or 4 button single breasted coats which are longer than a lounge suit but should not reach the knee.


This is the more modern offspring of the morning tails.

They can be worn in a very formal way or can be dressed to look like a normal suit.

They are comfortable to wear.


Not always the most flattering for the height impaired.

Only a small amount of waistcoat is visible.

They do not always suit every size and shape.

Lounge (normal) Suits: A lounge suit, normal suit or day suit are all the same things. You have lots of choice here: Designer suit, Made-to-measure, colour, fabric, style and accessories.


A normal suit does not have to look like a work suit. A fantastic fabric is a fantastic suit!

This is a suit that can be worn again. (Very practical, this is a man thing)

Endless choice of fabric, style, cut size etc.


A normal suit is just that. Not as formal as morning wear.

This type of suit is purchased rather than hired.

The accessories will have to be organised separately adding extra planning.

Made-To-Measure: A made-to-measure or bespoke suit is a suit which is hand-cut and hand-made just for you.


The perfect size fit and cut.

You can have your suit made however you choose, you will have an endless choice.

You will receive professional advice every step of the way.


This is more expensive than hiring or buying ready-to-wear.

You may have to have at least an inkling of what you are looking for.

Made-To-Measure suits may take up to 12 weeks and would require fittings.

Waistcoats: Waistcoats are one of the most important parts of a groom’s attire. The colours and patterns must fit in with the wedding as a whole. You may choose to have the whole wedding party in the same waistcoat or you may choose to have your Groom and Best Man in the same and every one else in a different waistcoat. You could also have just the Groom in a different waistcoat. Always remember the look of the wedding photographs as a whole and try not to use too many waistcoats.

Cravats/Ties: Cravats come in a variety of different styles. The most popular of which is the rouche or scrunchy style. This style of cravat is available in ready-tied or self tie. It is always best to take receipt of self-tie cravats early for a little knot tying practice!

The colours of the ties or cravats can be very important. They must match the suits and waistcoats. They must also tie the colour themes of the wedding together. You can try to match the bridesmaids, flowers or Brides dress or all three!! TIP: Pure silk has a stronger more vibrant colour in a photograph than polyester.

Those were a few pointers to help you on your way. However your wedding is YOUR day, so do not be tied down by tradition. I am sure whichever suits you choose for your wedding will be the right ones for YOUR BIG DAY.


Marc Moore

Director of Jack Bunney Limited Est. 1958


Every now and then I get asked to write and article for a Magazine, This one was for West Essex Life in spring 2007:

The spring is here, and with it comes all those social events which require a little extra thought as to the correct attire. This summer we see the return to Berkshire, the Royal Meeting at Ascot. There is also Derby day to consider, as well as those obligatory weddings, summer balls and other social events.

So what does the modern, fashion conscious male do in the face of historic rules of etiquette? How is it possible to stamp your own inimitable style on such time honoured modes of dress?

Well first and foremost it is never a good idea to fly in the face of tradition, not many can claim to have done so with success, (with the exception of Pierre Lorillard in 1886 at Tuxedo Park, New York. Where it is claimed he invented the modern Tuxedo) Dress codes can be complicated but it is best to determine the rules and then tweak them to your own unique taste and style.

For an example Royal Ascot, the correct dress code for the Royal Enclosure is Morning Wear; this consists of top hat and tails. The term morning wear is derived from Edwardian etiquette when men were required to change clothes three or four times throughout the day. The code of dress for the royal enclosure was first laid down in 1807 when the Royal meeting originally hosted the Gold Cup. The dress code was laid down by Beau Brummell, a close friend to the Prince Regent, who decreed: those men of elegance should wear waisted black coats and white cravats with pantaloons. This eventually evolved into morning wear.

So with morning wear so firmly established as the dress code, how does one make an impression? Well, firstly you should get the basics right, a black tail coat and top hat. A black top hat rather than the standard wedding grey is far more stylish. Also why not try matching black trousers rather than the classic grey morning stripe trousers. And then impress your style onto the outfit with the accessories, this does not mean a no-dad waistcoat. Why not try a silk brocade waistcoat with matching tie, maybe a watch with a Fob chain, or even a matching shirt and tie with your waistcoat.

Weddings are a potential mine field , when considering what to wear always refer to not only the dress code stipulated on the invitation but also to the types of people who will be attending this particular wedding. For an example if an invitation stipulates: Semi-Formal, this normally means a lounge suit rather than a dinner suit is required, but this is not always the case. If in any doubt always refer to your host, (they will be the person who has addressed the invitation.) Here are a few of those dress codes explained:

  • Black Tie: This means evening wear. Dinner suits, bow-ties.

  • White Tie or Full Dress: This means evening tail suit, white-tie and tails. This outfit is exceptionally traditional, consisting of a black evening tail jacket, white Marcella shirt, bow and waistcoat.

  • Black-tie preferred: This is exactly as it sounds your host would prefer evening wear (dinner suits and bow-ties) however it is not necessary. Good manners would indicate that evening wear should be worn if possible.

  • Black-tie optional: This is the same as black-tie preferred; the only difference being, there is no preference therefore it would not be bad manners to wear a lounge suit.

  • Morning Wear: Traditional morning wear. Black herringbone jacket, morning stripe trouser, dove-grey waistcoat. Depending on the event and circumstances this dress code could mean a Tail suit or a standard length morning jacket. In the case of the Queen’s garden party it would refer to standard length morning wear. In the case of a wedding it would normally mean tail suit. Again if in any doubt always refer to your host, so as not to offend.

A Wedding Suit For Dorian Gray

From time to time, here at Jack Bunneys we get asked for something that is a little different. Wherever we can help we will certainly try. We created some fantastic and original suits after a unique and unusual request from a customer!

One of my personal favourites was the suit we made for a customer who was getting married in the ICE HOTEL in Sweden.

This customer brought with him a DVD sleeve with a picture of the suit he wanted to wear for his wedding. The DVD was the 2003 movie: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen starring Sean Connery.

The character our customer would like his suit based upon was the character of Dorian Gray (played by Stuart Townsend). (pictured).

Well we like a challenge! So we set about renting DVDs and trying to glimpse the suit as carefully as we could, although you never see the suit in its entirety in the movie, we could see enough to begin work.

Between the customer and Peter (our bespoke tailor) they created an interpretation of the suit Dorian Gray wore. This interpretation also had to be a modern wedding suit, suitable for the Ice Hotel.

I think the pictures show that between the initial enquiry from the customer and the finished article the customer helped create something unique and unusual.


Thank you to Mr and Mrs Porter

Wednesday 16 January 2008

Whats going on now?

Its January so obviously we are having a January Sale???

... Well NO ! Having had a good 2007 we thought that this year we will forgo the whole January Sale nonsense. It seems that January sales start in November these days, so in themselves are pointless. For us thought they are even more pointless. If we were to reduce our retail items by 50-60-70% we would loose money on them and what would be the point in that??

So this year we are simply having some small special offers running throughout Janaury and preparing for the wedding season ahead. We are taking advantage of the time to prepare the collection and market our unique brand of formal wear for the 2008 season.

We are now over halfway through January and the signs are all pointing to the fact that we did the right thing. Our trade is similar to last January yet we have not had a January sale and the wedding season has started early this year. We are booking wedding parties right up until December!


Whats Been Happening?

We have had a strange 18 months here. A good 18 months but strange. We have enjoyed some success and we are very pleased to have some succesful lines which are proving popular all over the world.

The brown wedding suit revolution has been tremendous and the suits we carry in stock in this colour have been massively popular. This one in this picture in particular.

The new websites and have created some real momentum. Our small business is (at last) reaching a much larger audience and we are proving popular chaps!

The new 2008 brochure came out recently and looks stunning.

We are also celebrating our 50th Anniversary in February. 50 years of being a limited company, no small achievement in our area and industry.

We have started some new service to go with this landmark. We have new made-to-measure suit services and shirt services as well as our traditional bespoke service.

So all in all a strange but highly enjoyable and exciting 18 months. I look forward to the next 18 months with great enthusiasm.


Tuesday 15 January 2008

Brown Vs Black

Jarvis Cocker Vs Michael Caine

First Post

This, hopefully is the first of many posts.

For those of you who do not know who I am or what the point of this blog is, I guess I should introduce our little company:

Jack Bunney Limited or

We are a small family business based on the East London/Essex border (Barking to be exact). Estalished in 1958 the shop has always been (and still is) a Bespoke Tailors. We also now specialise in formal wear, wedding/evening and prom suit hire.

My name is Marc, I am one of the Directors at Jack Bunneys, There is also Peter and Rob. Between the 3 of us we do everything involved in owning and running the business. We serve each customer, ready every hire suit, complete alterations and make bespoke suits (by hand) all here on the premises between the 3 of us.

2007 was a great year for our little company and we are expecting an exciting year in 2008. Please check in from time to time and see what we have been upto here. The three of us here are always looking forward and looking for new exciting things to offer our customers, hopefully this blog will give us a direct link to the world and show you all what we are getting upto here in our corner of the world.