Friday 31 December 2010

2011 Brochure & DVD Rom

Hi All,

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and are looking forward to a wonderful New Year.

We now have in stock the new 2011 Hire Brochure in stock. This new brochure has all of the current ranges, including the 'Worcester' range, the 'Harrogate' range and the 'Kensington' range.

We also now have in stock the new Exclusive, Limited Edition DVD ROM. This contains images of all of our ranges in wonderful hi-res.

If you would like to be sent a 2011 brochure and DVD please email here. CLICK
Please be aware the DVD'd are only available in limited numbers.

Happy New Year!!!


Tuesday 7 December 2010

Wedding Suit Hire Prices 2011.

Due to the increase in demand for our 'Wedding Suit Hire' service, prices will increase in 2011. The new price list has been available to view on our website for some time. Please click here to view it.

Please be aware that any quotes received in 2010 will be revised with the new 2011 prices. If you have already paid a deposit for your booking then your prices will be frozen at the 2010 rate, despite the VAT increase.

If you have visited our shop and tried-on the wedding suits that you would like to book. You can telephone and book your suits (by leaving a £30.00 deposite per suit) and this will freeze your price at the 2010 rate.

I would like to make it clear that unless you have paid a deposit to book your wedding suits you will be charged at the 2011 rate as of the 1st of January 2011.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Thank You

Monday 22 November 2010

Jack Bunney The Brand - The Octopus - Can now be purchased Online

Our exclusive new range can now be purchased online. Click Here to buy this unique garment.

New Range, New Colours, New Images - Kensington

Our 40% Silk, Exclusive slim fitting morning suit now comes in more colours:

To View this Range please visit our website, Click Here.

Thursday 18 November 2010

New Images of the Harrogate

The Harrogate is our newest and most exclusive Wedding Suit Design. We have just received some new images here is a quick sample.

The Harrogate range is available to hire from January 2011. Click Here for more info.

Thursday 4 November 2010

Some of our amazing customers 2010

We are always very lucky Bunneys! We have amazing customers year after year. This year Joanne and Mark were married and they decided to use our 'Wedding Suit Hire' service. They were a delight to do business with from beginning to end. That is why I am so pleased to see their beautiful wedding photographs, it is obvious from these images that their wedding was as incredible as it should be.

So on behalf of everyone here at Jack Bunneys I thank you for being such amazing customers.

Congratulations to Joanne and Mark who were married on the 31st July 2010.

Tuesday 26 October 2010

The Kensington - 2011

In 2011 the Kensington range will be available in 3 colours and for the first time they will be available to hire as a 3.piece suit. The matching waistcoats will feature the unique paisley design lining which are such a feature in the jackets of the Kensington. The grey will have a purple paisley back to match the inside of the jacket. The Blue will have the blue and gold back to match the blue and gold paisley lining inside the jacket and the black will have a black and silver paisley.
Also available in 2011: Matching ties to the paisley backs of the waistcoats.

More Sneak Peeks for 2011 ... The Kensington - New Colour

The Kensington is a unique Jack Bunney hire wear range. This range is the very pinnacle of hire wear. 60% super 100's wool and 40% PURE SILK. This unusual morning suit is a slim fitting morning suit made with outstanding quality. In 2010 we introduced the Grey Kensington with its purple paisley lining. In 2011 we are introducing a luscious blue with a blue and gold paisley lining. We are also introducing a black in spring.

But for now . . . here are some sneak peeks at the new blue colour.

Monday 25 October 2010

Jack Bunney - The Lifestyle - Sneak Peek No.2

The new lifestyle collection from Jack Bunneys will be slowly introduced over Winter 2010 and Spring 2011.

This collection will be a mix of the very finest quality fabrics, manufacturer and Jack Bunneys unique design.

These design will be worn casually. They are comical, witty, casual but always stylish and sharp.

Each design will have a jacket and a shirt. Each design will also include unusual accessories, to compliment the witty design. Each design will be named after some type of creature.

First design ..... 'The Octopus'


Yes that's right 'The Octopus' and no it does not have eight sleeves.

The Jacket is made from a lightweight Pure Wool English Worsted (10 ozs - 300 gms)

The Jacket is a slim-line tailored fitting single breasted style.

The jacket has slanted jet and flap pockets with a slanted jet and flap ticket pocket.
The jacket has a straight outer breast welted pocket.
The jacket has side vents.

The jacket has a unique red faux suede lapel hole.

The jacket has unique red faux suede elbow patches.

The jacket has four working cuff buttons.

The jacket has beautiful two-tone green and red lining.

The jacket has a prestige inside finish with concealed button pockets.

The jacket has a unique lapel pin made in England from English Pewter.

Friday 22 October 2010

Jack Bunney - The Lifestyle - Sneak Peek No.1

In 2011 Jack Bunneys will be launching an exclusive lifestyle collection to purchase online. Each garment will be made to order and will feature some amazing design. Each garment will be unique in its own way but also inter-connect with each other.

The very first garment to be designed and produced for this collection is a wonderful pink herringbone shirt.

This shirt is 100% finest cotton.
This shirt is 100% non-iron finest cotton.
This shirt is a slim tailored fit.
This shirt also comes with a matching top pocket handkerchief.
This shirt has body darts to slim the waist.
This shirt has concealed buttons.
This shirt has thick anthracite buttons.

This shirt has our unique designer turn back fashion cuff.

This shirt has our unique collar shape with two top buttons.

This shirt is designed to wear in a witty casual formal manner. To be worn either with a tie or an ascot.
It will retail at £120.00 including Matching Handkerchief + P&P. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Double Breasted waistcoats to hire for 2011

We here at Jack Bunneys love a double breasted waistcoat! they are formal, sharp, tidy, unusual but most of all stylish. We have always stocked double breasted waistcoats in our hire department, yet this year we decided to expand the range a little. We have added a few new designs to our waistcoat collection which in the same double breasted style.

More Sneak Peeks 5 ... New Wedding Hire Waistcoats for 2011

This traditional grey herringbone waistcoat is an addition to our premium waistcoat collection for 2011. We have stocked this waistcoat in the ivory colour for quite some time. We have now added the grey colour to compliment the ivory.

More Sneak Peeks 4 ... New Wedding Hire Waistcoats for 2011

This double breasted waistcoat is a new premium hire range for 2011. It is also available in ivory. Both ivory and silver are available in single or double breasted styles. All of these new premium waistcoats are in the shop to try for 2011.

More Sneak Peeks 3 ... New Wedding Hire Waistcoats for 2011

This new premium hire waistcoat is available from the 1st January 2011. It is available in two styles and two colours. This is the silver in a single breasted style. It is also available in a double breasted style. It is also available in ivory in both single and double breasted.

More Sneak Peeks 2 ... New Wedding Hire Waistcoats for 2011

This double breasted waistcoat is a new premium hire waistcoat for 2011. This design is available in two styles and two colours. Both the single and double breasted. It is available in ivory and silver.

More Sneak Peeks ... New Wedding Hire Waistcoats for 2011

With more and more products arriving for 2011 and a new photoshoot not planned until November, I thought I would have a go at some photgraphy. This is a new premium hire waistcoat in an ivory. It is also available both a Single Breasted style and a Double Breasted style. It is also available in two colours; ivory and silver.

Thursday 14 October 2010

2011 - Teaser Images - The Harrogate

Our new slim fit hire range is in the shop to view for 2011. The new brochure will contain the all new professional images of these suits but I know some of you have waited a long time to see this new range, so I have posted some quick (amateur) shots here. You can get a feel for the design and the fit, but the images do not give these very fine, lightweight and beautiful fabrics justice!.