Thursday 25 September 2014

Katie & Dean's Spectacular Leicester Cathedral Wedding!

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Katie & Deans Spectacular Leicester Cathedral Wedding!

We are always lucky Bunneys here and are involved in some incredible weddings! Today we are blogging what can only be described as a spectacular wedding!   The images are beautiful but the story is incredible too!  So in Deans own words I give you, Kate & Deans Spectacular Leicester Cathedral Wedding:

How did you guys meet?

We met at Bushloe high school aged 11! We spent lots of years chasing each other before we both realised that we were meant to be, we finally got together during university and the rest is history as they say.

How did you propose? 

I proposed on Westminster Bridge next to Big Ben on my birthday at midnight, after we had spent the evening at Vertigo42, looking after the engagement ring was quite possibly the most nervous I have ever been! London is a place that Katie loves, and it’s definitely the most romantic thing I have ever done!

I had picked my birthday to throw people of the scent, theres nothing worse than people suggesting “oooh this must be the trip when he’s going to pop the question!”  Thankfully this worked and Katie was completely surprised!

The Stag?

I was part of a double stag do, with one of my best friends Luke, we travelled to Tenerife, but not only that, because it was a double stag do, we had somehow managed to get agreement for a week away! Despite the abuse my liver took during the week, we had a great time away!

How was the wedding planning?

The parts I enjoyed the most are the ones I would consider most “fun”, the food tasting, who doesn’t love a free meal, choosing the entertainment and also picking the venue.

The least fun bits for me are when it gets down to the nitty gritty details, choosing between 5 different beige table cloths just wasn’t for me, thankfully my mother in law stepped up!

We picked all of the major elements together and I also let Katie have freedom to plan her perfect wedding, so it was the best of both worlds!

I would say I had a high level consultancy role, which suited me just fine, I was involved in key decisions and kept away from the finer details!

The Suits? (our favourite bit!) 

I hired the Harrogate suit from Jack Bunneys, I knew it was the suit I had to have after seeing my brother in law get married in a similar suit. It is such a well-made suit compared to others available to hire, most wedding suits look like potato sacks! Once I tried it on, it felt great and it was an easy decision!

I thoroughly enjoyed my trips to the Jack Bunneys despite a 3 hour round trip! The staff at Jack Bunneys were extremely helpful and had answers to all of my trivial questions, the best part was the feeling that I could have spent all day there without anyone rushing me along for a decision! However in reality I spent little more than 20minutes there, which goes to show how efficient they are in the right areas. 

The Wedding Day Itself?  

The day was absolutely amazing, from getting married at the cathedral to the reception at City rooms! The weather also played its part in our big day with torrential rain in the morning, the clouds parted as we got married and the sun was beating down on us, which helped as we had planned for our guests to walk between venues! We almost had a famous guest at our wedding with Richard III due to be buried at Leicester cathedral, luckily the burial was postponed and the disruption was minimal to our big day!

Seeing Katie for the first time on the day was incredible, her dress was stunning, and seeing her helped to calm my own nerves, and from there we thoroughly enjoyed all the different aspects of our wedding day. I was smiling from ear to ear all day long!

One of my best men only had one line to say, and that was to introduce the father of the bride, unfortunately he got flustered and introduced the “bride of the groom!”

There was also a running bet on how long the best man’s speech would last; once he got wind of it, he managed to fix it to make sure my niece won the prize, however my niece had suggested over twenty minutes!

All in all I’m delighted with how our big day went, you put so much effort in the run up that it’s overwhelming when it all goes to plan, our guests had fun celebrating with us, which is what it is all about!

I was most pleased with my speech, after building it up during the day, and also being considered a man of few words, I like to think I came into my own and relaxed into the speech, I managed to cover all emotions and got laughs at the right times!

Our entertainment  “Bird and the Badman” Acoustic Duo:
Having seen Sarah and David perform at Anne-Marie's and Matt's wedding at Hothorpe Hall, we knew they would be the perfect entertainment for our wedding. Sarah has the most beautiful voice. Our guests could not be more complimentary as they performed an eclectic array of music. Both Sarah and David have a really positive approach and willingness to learn any song. Prior to our wedding they learnt a song that would make the day even more special for us. Their take on George Ezra's Budapest was amazing and blew us both away!

My Jack Bunneys suit:
The Harrogate suit from Jack Bunneys was perfect, Im someone that prefers a more fitted suit and this delivered on all aspects, and it looked like it had been made to measure to the exact millimeter! I had so many compliments on the day from my friends & family!

The photographer – One Love Photography:
We chose Gary for his ability to capture the natural shot rather than having scripted / posed shots, and he more than delivered. We have so many amazing photos that have captured our day perfectly; he was a delight to work with and did everything with us in mind, and provided us with nearly 800 photos!

I was very close to crying during my speech, as I was about to thank my inlaws, I was completely overwhelmed with the moment, however luckily I managed to hold it together and compose myself.

The speeches were the best part of the day, the three speeches combined were nearly an hour long, although it didn’t feel like that at all, everyone was having so much fun!
The best man’s speech was great despite the abuse I took; he managed to dish it out to some of our friends as well, which helped to deflect some of the attention from me! Although I must admit I’m looking forward to repaying the favour!

Our wedding day was outstanding, looking back I am so happy that everything went to plan, and of course, I’d love to do it again!

Wow!  That all sounds incredible, what advice would you offer to perspective Grooms? 

The only advice I would give, is to make sure you invest time in getting the right suppliers, they can make the day very special, as many of the ones that contributed to our wedding showed!

Katie & Dean Would like to say a special thank you to the following suppliers:

1. Photographer:  One Love Photography - The natural shots Gary captured are stunning. 

2.  Flowers/Venue Styling: Eve LilyThe reception at City Rooms looked fantastic, thanks to the hard work of Eve Lily, Nicola put in hours of work to make sure the venue was exactly as the bride had planned, down to the smallest detail!

3. Entertainment: Bird and Badmana truly talented duo, that entertained our guests with their sets! The fact they learnt a song especially for us, shows how dedicated they are to ensuring you have the perfect day!

4. Jack Bunneys - I'm looking for an excuse to hire another suit!!  
(ahhh thanks guys!) 

5. Wedding Dress: Justin Alexander

6. Venue: Leicester Cathedral 

7. Reception: The City Rooms, Leicester

8. Make-Up: Bettie Lottie