Wednesday 30 January 2013

A little bit of a re-branding - new brochure/DVD etc.

Hi All,
You may (or may not have) noticed over the last couple of months, we have slowly had a little re-branding here at JB.

Yes our website remains the same (for now) but we have slowly changed our Logo on all our other forms of identification.  The Facebook page was first, then Twitter, business cards, price lists, suit bags, pens, the New Brochure (due out soon) and now our new 2013 DVD.

They are all featuring our new Logo.  Which for us is a step back into the past.  We wanted a new retro look, after all our business has always been about 'New & Old' (or old & new, I am not sure which way round it is).  

Essentially we love old things, we love doing things the old fashioned way and we also love good old fashioned customer service.  But we are suckers for a bit of Tech too, we love the latest in design, fashion and technology.  So I think the shop kind of reflects our own personalities, we like being old fashioned but why not make the most of modern technology and follow trends?

So that is what the re-branding is all about we are following the trend (no point denying it) but we are also reinstating the style of branding that we had 30 or 40 years ago.  A more conservative and traditional style featuring the same words that were once on all Jack Bunney labels (I remember seeing them when I was little) 'Gentlemen's Outfitters - Jack Bunneys - London.

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Attention to detail, pride & professionalism

Whenever we start a new year, I am always filled with a certain amount of anxiety. Are couples going to like our new designs? Are the current designs still current? Have I missed some glaringly obvious change in trends? Every year I worry myself into a stupor , only to fill relieved & a little foolish when customers start booking our suits in record breaking numbers.
This year has been no different, we are incredibly busy and we have been lucky enough to have booked lots of wonderful , creative & clever weddings.
Our new customers have all been talking about the same thing. 'Attention to Detail' . Our customers demand & expect every detail of their wedding suits to be considered & put together perfectly.
Fortunately for them (and us) we are a very proud bunch here at JB, we pride ourselves on considering every last detail of our designs. We can tell our customers exactly why each individual garment was designed to compliment the other. And we can also tell them why we decided to design it that way.
It is this pride in our jobs, our business and our products which ensures our 'Attention to Detail' meets & surpasses our clients expectations.
Our pride & 'Attention to Detail' also ensures that no matter how many other companies,businesses or individuals attempt to copy our hard work they never achieve quite the same results, as is always so self evident in the difference between our images, created by us for marketing purposes but are actually an extension of our pride and 'Attention to detail'