Friday 30 March 2012

Designer Unique Incredible Jack Bunney Cufflinks

I have been a very VERY lucky Bunney over the years, I have had the pleasure of dealing with some wonderful, innovative suppliers. I have always been very grateful for our connections to some of our industries innovators. And although we treasure each of these relationships one of these suppliers stands out, for their creativity and their total commitment to constant innovation.

I am of course referring to Britton Bespoke. When I first received a telephone call from Britton Bespoke, Neil spoke passionately about his new products and he guaranteed me that Britton Bespoke had designed cufflinks unlike anything I had seen before. I was of course sceptical, I had heard this type of thing a thousand times. So whilst Neil was still on the telephone I decided to pull up his website to view his products and I can quite honestly tell you that I was 'gobsmacked'. He was of course correct, I had indeed never seen cufflinks like these!

I immediately ordered a few pairs for our shop here and I purchased some pairs for myself personally. As did our other staff members here at Jack Bunneys, we are all cufflinks connoisseurs here and we were all blown away by the designs, not only are they stylish to wear, but the quality and their individualism catches any cufflink aficionado's eye.

Not so long ago, the opportunity arose to work with Britton Bespoke and design something incredible. This was an opportunity not to be missed!

Together Britton Bespoke and Jack Bunneys have created a designer cufflink that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, that is made of the finest materials, that is collectable, switchable but most of all the very optimum of style.

They are the worlds first switchable, collectable luxury designer cufflink and I am exceptionally proud to have been a small part of their production.

How do they work?

Well you can purchase these (highest quality) Sterling Silver cufflinks as a pair of cufflinks with your choice of stone (or sterling silver Union Jack). You can choose from ROSE QUARTZ, AMETHYST, LAPIS LAZULI, SODALITE, AMAZONITE, TIGERS EYE, or ONYX. Each stone is perfectly selected for its size, weight quality and to create a matching pair. Each stone is shaped and polished perfectly. These high quality stones are what you see on the outside of the cuff. On the inside of your cuff you will see a highly polished solid sterling silver discreet JB logo.

The two parts (the stone portion and the JB portion) of these cufflinks detach from one another and fit back together perfectly and seamlessly held together with a wonderful magnet system. For extra safety (and for style purposes) a discreet chain wraps around the cuff and attaches both parts together, this creates a stylish wraparound link.

The chain can be detached and you can of course purchase more stones and collect the whole set! the majority of you cufflink (the JB portion) remains the same, allowing you to collect a huge variety of unique and wonderful quality, luxury cufflinks.

The quality of these cufflinks will blow you away. Once you feel the weight and the finish of both the silver and the stone you will be instantly impressed by not only the quality of these British Made cufflinks but also by their innovative, creative and imaginative design.

You can view more hi res images of these incredible cufflinks on FaceBook.

Thursday 29 March 2012

Berwick - Chocolate Brown suit - Discontinued (To Buy)

Over recent years we have had great success with our Chocolate Brown wedding suit range (The Berwick). They have proven excepetionally popular with our clients all over the world. It is with sadness that we have decided to stop supplying these suits to buy. We will of course continue to hire these suits for as long as there is a demand.

The range will however be re-invented for 2013 using the same fabric. A fantastic new design is currently in make and samples are being produced. This new range will bring a whole new concept to the 'brown wedding suits' which we became so well known for.

So why have we stopped producing our most popular retail suit package of recent years? Well the answer is rather simple, things MUST change. Fashions, cuts and fits have all changed considerably since we first embarked on a design process for a new 'brown wedding suit'. The styles of our latest 'Jack Bunney' designs are much slimmer fitting and tailored, rather than the casual more European style of the Berwick. Also there has been a noticeable decline in the demand for brocade (swirly) styles of waistcoats and cravats over recent months. In truth we are simply reacting to our customers demands and a decision has been made that to properly move on from this 'Jack Bunney' signature design we must first bring its life to an end so we can move onwards with our latest innovations.

Although I am sad that this, our most popular retail range ever, has come to an end, I am also excited for the future. More innovation is on its way and I hope that the future of the 'Brown Wedding Suit' is safe but in a new guise.

Thank You

Thursday 15 March 2012


Our Wedding Suit hire service is proving exceptionally popular for 2012. We have an unprecedented amount of bookings. Therefor some weekends are now FULLY BOOKED or very close to being fully booked for our 2012 wedding suit hire service.

The following dates are Fully Booked*:

14th - 15th of April 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

21st - 22nd of April 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

28th - 29th of April 2012 - FULLY BOOKED

5th - 6th of May 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

12th - 13th of May 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

19th - 20th of May 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

26th - 27th of May 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

2nd - 3rd of June 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

9th - 10th of June 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

16th - 17th of June 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

23rd - 24th of June 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

29th - 30th of June 2012 FULLY BOOKED*

7th - 8th of July 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

14th-15th of July 2012- FULLY BOOKED*

21st-22nd of July 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

28th - 29th of July 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

4th-5th of August 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

11th - 12th of August 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

18th - 19th of August 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

25th - 26th of August 2012 - FULLY B OOKED*

1st - 2nd of September 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

8th -9th of September 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

15th-16th of September 2012 FULLY BOOKED*

22nd - 23rd of September 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

29th -30th of September 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

6th - 7th of October 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

1st - 2nd of December 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

22nd - 31st of December 2012 - FULLY BOOKED*

5th - 6th of January 2013 - FULLY BOOKED*

All other weekends (which are not listed above) from until December 2012 are now also VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY**

We are currently taking orders for 2013 and some dates are likely to be fully booked more than 6 months in advance.  Please telephone for further information.

*Fully Booked - This weekend and the dates surrounding this weekend are now unavailable for our hire service. Retail & Made to Measure are unaffected.

**VERY Limited Availability - This weekend and the dates surrounding this weekend are within one or two bookings from becoming fully booked or (and) have ranges which are no longer available for that date. Retail & Made to Measure are unaffected.

***Limited Availability - These dates may have ranges which are unavailable to hire.

Please telephone for further information: 020 8594 1654
Or email

Please be advised that a "Quote" does not confirm your booking. If you have a quote and would like to make a booking please telephone ASAP.

Thank You

For a full list of Available dates in 2013, please check the new blog post here: Click