Thursday 30 October 2008

POLL Wedding Suits

Hello All,

Please feel free to take the time to take part in our new poll. This poll is about wedding suits so if you are planning a wedding or have recently married this may be of some interest.

Thank You

Tuesday 21 October 2008

The Real MCCOY!!! (Brown Wedding Suit)

Hi All,

In my browsings around the interweb, I have come across a site which is using (illegally) an image from our website. This image was shot in our shop by ourselves on a digital camera. The suit that is pictured is a suit which was designed by ourselves and our German Supplier Wilvorst and is therefore exclusive to us.

Please be made aware that if any website other than or are trying to sell a suit using this image, it is a fake! and no doubt you will be ripped with an inferior product!

That is my rant for the day over.

Please do not be fooled.



Saturday 4 October 2008

New Made To Measure Shirt Service

We have launched yet another new service exclusive to Jack Bunneys. This comprehensive Made-To-Measure-Shirt service offers a vast selection of the very best shirt fabrics. They are made in France by one of the worlds premier shirt-makers.

Made in FRANCE
Italian Fabrics (vast selection)
64 Different Collar Styles
18 Different Cuff Styles
8 Pocket Styles
Monogramming Available in 3 fonts
Monogramming Available in 30 different colours
14 buttons options
12 Classic Collar
8 Cut away Collar Styles
4 Button Down Styles
8 Tab Collar Styles
4 Wing collar Styles
Wedding Styles available, Collar Styles for Cravats
Dress Shirts

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