Thursday 29 September 2011

Real Customers - Real Wedding Suits - The proof is in the pudding

The proof is indeed in the pudding.

It is not easy deciding which suppliers should be trusted for what many consider the most important day of your life. And it is very difficult to know how any particular supplier will perform on the actual day itself, that is why it is vitally important to rely on recommendation from friends or family.

But what if no one that you know has been married recently? Then you are reliant on your communication with the companies involved, if the communication is excellent it does not necessarily guarantee that that the service will be, so what then?

Well you need to do your research; look online for recommendations, for positive or negative reviews but most importantly of all, look at actual weddings that they have been involved with. Look online for real pictures, from real peoples weddings. Search blogs and Facebook pages to find actual wedding pictures and then you can make a truly informed decision on quality and service.

How many Men's Clothing Shops who offer a hire service, a made-to-measure service and a Bespoke Service have albums of actual weddings they have been involved with?

Here at Jack Bunneys we think sharing other couples experiences is vitally important to every new Bride & Groom we meet. So here are a couple of Links to Facebook, where you can view some real weddings and real wedding suits.

New News. Bunney Brand - Shirts

Us Bunneys have been working hard designing new ranges for 2012, we have come up with some really interesting and 100% exclusive ranges which are totally unique.

The first of these new ranges will start arriving soon.

The very first thing to arrive will be our new shirt ranges. These are made from 100% Fine Luxury Cotton. They are hand-made in France to our exact specification (and our specification is rather specific). These are just some of the features of these Bunney Branded shirts:

  • 100% Finest Luxury Cotton.
  • Pure White Colour Only
  • Hand Made in Europe.
  • Unique Collar Shapes*
  • A revolutionary style of Cuff**
  • Slim Fitting***
  • Concealed Buttons (fly fronted)
  • Real Mother of Pearl Buttons
* Collar Shapes. 1. The first collar shape can only be described as a 'Rounded Collar'. It has to be seen to be truly appreciated and as yet I have no images to share with you.

2. The second collar shape is the same as the one pictured (pictured here in pink). And includes the genuine vintage collar clip.
Both collar shapes are specifically designed to be worn with slim or skinny ties.

** This new style of cuff has been designed to be worn with the slimmest wedding suit but also look like a formal double cuff. Wearing a double cuff shirt with a slim wedding suit does not always work. As the sleeves and jacket cuffs are quite narrow a wide shirt cuff prevents the jacket sleeve from falling correctly. Our new cuff design looks like a double cuff but is in fact a button cuff which fits tight to the wrist. (Cuff is pictured here in Pink)

*** We have completely designed the pattern of this shirt to fit our precise measurements. This body fitted shirt will fit slim figures perfectly, as well as allowing for movement and comfort. The shape of these shirts is what really makes these shirts unique, there really is no other shirt like them.

These new shirts will be in store soon. They are a very limited edition and cannot be purchased any where else. They will retail at £100.00 and £120.00. If you would like to make an appointment to view these shirts please call: 02085941654 in a few weeks when they arrive.

Thank You

Thursday 22 September 2011

2012 . More new newsy news

The new website is really on its way this time!! Yay! Our website has been our portal to the world for so long, it has become an extension to the shop itself but it has grown tired. It is in desperate need over a major update. If for no other reason than my own sanity. The new site is currently in design and is only a matter of weeks away.

The newly designed Jack Bunney ranges however are a little delayed, this is because of difficulties with European fabric mills, these difficulties will be resolved in the next day or so, but could lead to delays in having the new designs in the shop and will certainly lead to delays in getting the new photo-shoot done and the new images on the website. I am afraid this is sometimes the price we pay to have our suits made from the best fabrics in Europe.

The new designs however will start to trickle into the shop as of the beginning of November. We are well aware of what they are and what they look like and I can reassure you all they will be worth the wait.

One more thing, just as a quick word of warning, we are currently getting a massive amount of inquiries and bookings for 2012. If you are thinking of using our services in 2012, please be aware you are going to have to book early, maybe even earlier than the 6 months we are recommending right now. I will keep you updated with the situation but it is something to consider.

I think this is all for now.


My Wedding & Recommended Suppliers.

So I went and got married. I know some of you asked to see the wedding pics, so here is the link to the pro pics. :

Pics are courtesy of Lisa Devlin Photography.

And here are my name & praises, for some of the best wedding suppliers we can personally recommend at Jack Bunneys.

Photographer : Lisa Devlin Photography, AKA DevlinPhotos. 100% awesome. Professional, communicative, speedy, efficient, value for money and an incredible photographer. Even better than my pictures show* Just look at her site and blog Clicky
I have been looking at her blog and site for over a year and I honestly believe she is one of, if not the best wedding photographer I have seen. And I researched loads!
*I was pleased with my pics, they were exactly what I asked for, which was quite limited and curtailed her normal creativity.

Caterer: Bonne Cuisine. Stephanie was recommended to me and I was so pleased that I met her. She was more excited about our wedding plans than I think we were. She was very nearly our wedding planner too, she was incredibly helpful. And great food, home made, organic and most of it grown at home (including the eggs which came from her hens). She also made the cheese tower and supplied the crockery (& tea cozies) Clicky.

The Band: The band made the whole thing for me. I love live music, any genre any type. I love live bands at weddings as people feel obliged to dance and it get's everyone up and going. This big band came with 12 musicians and 2 singers (and they weren't that expensive considering). They played some incredible music from 40's through to 50's, and even some more modern swing music. They looked and played so professionaly they exceeded my expectation by some way. Also excellent communication via email. Conchord Big Band , Click.

Car: Cool Classic Cars in Essex, are a fantastic company. Wonderful communication, wonderful people & incredible cars. Which are 100% perfect. If you are looking for big beautiful vintage American cars (& VW campers too) , this is your place. Click.

Chair Cover hire. I had a last minute panic and decided that chair covers were essential, despite discounting them in the wedding planning. I contacted Lacey's Event hire late in the day and they were fantastic. Thank You Josie. They were great value for money, did exactly what we wanted and were very efficient. Click.

Silhouette Artist, I saw Alison Russell's work on a vintage wedding blog and was immediately intrigued. We wanted something to entertain our guests whilst enjoying a cream tea, but nothing seemed to fit, jugglers?, magicians? caricatures? until we found Alison. Her work seemed to fit our wedding perfectly. She is an incredibly talented artist, who surpassed my expectations. Everyone had a beautiful keepsake for the day, which I am sure will be treasured. Click for Alison's site.

Thank you to everyone who has wished us well. It really is appreciated. :)

& Thank you to all of you wedding professionals who made our day perfect. THANK YOU!