Friday 31 May 2013

Why we no longer offer 'Prom Suits' - The Whys and therefore's

It is now that time of year when we have lots of enquiries in regards to Prom Suits, despite never advertising as a Prom Suit supplier, despite not featuring a prom suit in one of our brochures for 5 years  and despite not having a Prom Suit page on our website for 2 years we still have quite a large quantity of enquiries for this service.

I am afraid that 2013 is the year that we have now stopped supplying suits for School Proms.

There are lots of logistical reasons for stopping this.  But the most important reason, from our point of view, is that servicing a market for 15/16 year olds no longer fits with our business model.  Our clientele has changed considerably over the last 2/3 years, our customers are purchasing 'made-to-measure' 'luxury' products and we devote a lot of our time and energies to servicing this clientele specific requirements.     I am afraid to say we now service more of an 'adult' market.

'But you still hire suits?'

Yes we do, but our hire customer has changed also.  The customers which hire suits from Jack Bunneys are the more discerning, whom are looking for a hire suit which is beyond what can be found on the high-street.  Our customers travel from all over the U.K. to hire our suits which we offer in unique designs.   And we now book our hire suits months (up to 12) in advance, with many dates becoming 'Fully Booked' 6 months in advance.

'You still hire dinner suits though?'

Again, yes we do.  But we are currently in the process of changing our evening wear stock.  This means that at present we only stock traditional, classic black dinner suits and no youth sizes at all.  In 2014 we will be stocking new ranges of evening wear which will be of a similar quality and fit to our wedding suits.  They will obviously then be of a similar price to our wedding suit ranges and could be beyond the reach of some 15 to 16 year olds.

So just to clarify, we still hire suits, we still hire evening suits, we do not however stock any suits which are designed for School Proms, youth sizes or the teenage market.