Thursday 8 January 2009

Credit Crunch Busting Deals??? in a way ..

The credit crunch has affected as all in one way or another. We are all feeling the pinch. So what are we at Jack Bunneys doing about this shortage of currency?

Are we slashing our prices by 70%? (NO)

Are we going to import cheaper products from China? (Nope)

Are we going to cut back on our service to save money? (not a chance)

We are not going to subscribe to any of those theories. Instead we will insist our products are made in factories which have the correct labour laws and environmental regulations. We will insist our products meet our high standards and we will endeavour to offer the best possible service we can in the same way that we have done for the last 50 years.

In times of hardship consumers will turn to quality. When the consumer has surplus cash it is easy to sell disposable garments which barely see a seasons worth of wear. But when the consumer has no longer got that surplus cash, the customer begins to research other methods of saving money. Such as:

Buying quality products which will last.

Buying classic designs which do not date

Buying from a shop which offers service (in case there is an issue with the garment)

If you buy clothing which is suitable to the right task that product will then last that much longer. To buy these correct products you need a shop which can offer you expert advice you can trust. How many department stores sales representatives would you trust? Small business's offer the only alternative in the Credit Crunch busting world. Real advice from experts could save you hundreds. Yes you will pay more than in a supermarket, but by building a relationship with your small local business you will in essence create your own guarantee, a returns policy that not even Marks and Spencer could match.


The next time you are searching for a bargain, stop. Think about spending more. But rather than just spend more, get the CORRECT advice and spend more on an item which will last.

Credit Crunch Busting advice from Marc @ Jack Bunneys :)

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