Sunday 25 May 2008

Controversial Accessories (part one MAN - BAGS)

Controversial Accessories - part one MAN-BAGS

It turns out that despite my supposed knowledge of manly style, I am in fact a tart. I don't think I am a tart in the traditional sense. I am obviously not to be found at the "flirting marrieds nite" in my local Essex disco, wearing too much make-up, drinking Cinzano and trying to snog the bottle boy. I think the type of tart that I am supposedly comparable too is that type that wears a sarong and has precious metal for testicles. Obviously if I felt that my manhood was truly under threat I would not be sitting here blogging but rather hunting down the fiend who has encouraged these disparaging remarks however I am a confident chap. I have the ability to see beyond the near-sighted view of an all too common knee-jerk reaction.

Where some only see Man-Bag I see purpose. I see style, I see form and function combining perfectly. To me a man-bag is a useful tool to carry my things from my house to my place of work. I am sure that we all have things to carry from Home to work every day, don't we? I carry a book (maybe 2 or 3), my lunch, my phone, my keys, magazines, some work and sometimes my laptop. I prefer not to fill up the pockets of my suit and coat with a million things and then proceed to waddle down the road like an odd-shaped snowman. I refuse to carry a sporting bag or ruck-sack unless I am attending a sport or travelling. Every bag has a purpose and mine was designed to be worn with a suit but also carry my belongings. If this makes me a tart then so be it. Buy me a Cinzano and call me Tracey.

The perfect wardrobe? PART ONE - SUITS

Sometimes in my business you here the term "The Perfect Wardrobe" as far as I recall it has always been a sales ploy for enticing the customer into ordering more than he may actually need. Most tailors have this "Perfect Wardrobe" which is impossible to achieve and therefore cements customer loyalty.

Anyway I have been thinking this one through, I have decided to list MY perfect wardrobe, not one I would recommend to my clients, just what I would like to see hanging in my warddrobe at home.

1. Heavyweight Suits.

These suits depend on where you live as to how many you should have (if any at all). I live in London and therefore to have at least one is essential for those freezing tube platform mornings. The other advantage of a heavyweight suit, is that perfectly tailored look you get from a 16oz worsted or flannel. This look is typically English and unique to England thats why I would in MY perfect wordrobe have:


2. Mediumweight Suits.

Mediumweight all purpose suits are the staple for any proffessional and no wardrobe can really get enough of these. 10-12 oz pure wool fabric, fine English worsted fabrics that drape across the body looking fine yet sturday and tailored. Available in countless designs and qualities. My perfect wardrobe would ideally have 7 of these.

2. Black singlebreasted 2 button suits.

1. Pin stripe singlebreasted suit.

1. Grey birdseye singlebreasted 2 button.

1. Navy single breatsed 3 button.

1. Double breasted clerical grey.

1. Navy pinstripe double breasted.


3. Lightweight Suits:

A fine lightweight luxury suit is for a special occasion. For showing off and for looking impressive. These suits are the pinnacle of the textile industry; fine wool (mohair or silk) selected for its fineness down to the micron, painstakingly woven and then expertly constructed. The italians have some of the greatest fabric mills in the world producing fine wools and mohairs 6 - 7 oz super 120's - 150's. I would love to have 3 of these in my perfect wardrobe:

1. A mohair and wool from ZEGNA single breasted grey.

2. A super 120's from Barberis, singlebreasted brown.

3. A fawn English pure wool super 140's from Holland and Sherry, single breasted.


Monday 19 May 2008

What the ...... ?

My apologies for not posting for some time now. We have been enjoying an incredibly busy period and finding the time to sit down and think about the Bunney Blog has become increasingly difficult. However this post is evidence of my commitment to the Bunney Blog.
Over the next few weeks the following posts will appear on the Bunney Blog:

1. An Interview with Rob
2. An Interview with Peter
3. A Style Guide for s/s 2008
4. A guide to luxury clothing
5. The ideal wardobe
6. Controversial Accessories.

If you have any further ideas for posts on the Bunney Blog, or if you wish to participate in someway, or if you wish to pose myself, Rob or Peter a question please feel free to email me.

I hope you keep reading the Blog and enjoying our posts.

Thank You