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2015 - Wedding Suit Hire - A few announcements.

Hi Everyone.

As you are probably aware our 'Wedding Suit Hire' business is always incredibly busy, and 2014 was certainly no exception.  Once again most weekends were so heavily booked that we were forced to 'Fully Book' them.  Which is incredible! Our little business being so very busy really does make us all feel honoured and proud.

I personally believe one of the reasons we are so busy, is that our potential customers can feel how passionately we care about our business.  They get a sense of how hard we work on developing new ranges and new services.  I think our clients really appreciate how hard we work to keep the business moving forward, they appreciate our enthusiasm and sometimes I think they admire how we really care about what we do!

It has long been our tradition here at Jack Bunneys to always move forward, to always develop or evolve our business, constantly making minor changes to create a small niche business that is unique in a market crowded with clones.

It is with that in mind that we have the following announcements to make in regards to our 2015 'Wedding Suit Hire' service.

1.  The Cambridge (Edward Jacket) suit will no longer be available for hire.    This 3/4 length style of coat has long been the standard wedding suit for large hire companies.  It has come represent the usual or the standard and as such we are dropping it from our range.

As of 2015 this style will be unavailable.
2.  Fancy/Swirly waistcoats will no longer be available from Jack Bunneys in our wedding suit hire range.   As of 2015 we will not have any stock of this style of waistcoat to hire.  We will have a range of waistcoats but not swirly polyester shiny waistcoats.
As of 2015 this style will be unavailable for hire

3.  As of 2015 we will also not have ruche style of cravats available for hire.   They will be available to purchase if required but our hire department will no longer be stocking them.
This style of cravat will not be available to hire in 2015

4.  We will no longer be attending Wedding Fayres/Fairs.  In 2015 we will not be attending wedding fayres.  
No more wedding fayres in 2015
  5.  We will no longer be advertising in print.  We will no longer be advertising in magazines or newspapers.  We will also no longer be offering a paper brochure.  Over the last 4 years we have been using a digital alternative, and giving away a DVD rom with our images.  However it has become apparent this is no longer required.  In 2015 we will be announcing a new digital alternative to a traditional brochure.  More details to be announced soon.

All marketing or advertising will be strictly digital.   Wedding Blogs, Wedding Forums,  Websites,  Social Media and any and all online markets.

No more paper brochure or DVD in 2015

Those are the things that we will not be doing in 2015!   But what are the things that we WILL be doing?    Well we do have some wonderful new products being created right now.    I am afraid that at present I am not able to show you any images or even share the details.  However we will be adding to our 'Wedding Suit Hire' service with new ranges and products.  We will also be adding to our 'Bespoke/Hire' service and creating some unique and unusual 'Made to Order' ranges to purchase.

I can guarantee however the following ranges will be available in our Wedding Suit Hire service for 2015:

1. York
Available to hire for 2015 

Available to hire for 2015

Available to hire for 2015

2.  Harrogate
Available to hire for 2015

Available to hire for 2015

Available to hire for 2015

3. Worcester 
Available for hire 2015

Available for hire 2015
Available for hire 2015

4. Oxford Premium 
Available for hire 2015

Available for hire 2015

Available for hire 2015

All of the ranges mentioned above will definitely be available for hire in 2015 and can be booked now.    Any ranges not mentioned are currently under consideration and will only be available if there is demand.

At least one new range will be added for 2015.  (awaiting images)

New waistcoat ranges will be added for 2015. (awaiting images)

A new Bespoke/Hire service will be announced in 2015 (awaiting images)

A new 'Made to Order' design will be available for 2015 (awaiting images)

A new selection of Made to Measure designs will be available for 2015 (awaiting images).

A new digital alternative to a paper brochure and our promo DVD will be announced soon.

That is all of our news so far for our 2015 Wedding Season.  We will of course keep you posted.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Laura & Nic's Beautiful English Country Wedding

Featured Jack Bunney Grooms - Real Weddings 

Laura & Nic’s Beautiful English Country Wedding

Today on the Bunney Blog we are jumping into the hot tub to travel back through time to May 2013!  A bit of a while ago we were lucky enough to have some wonderful customers who had an incredible English country wedding in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales and in todays blog we will interview our groom to see if we can’t tell his story from proposal to honeymoon.  

Jack Bunneys:   Nic, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for the Bunney Blog.   I think the first question to ask is where did it all begin?

Nic:  Thank you for having me!  We initially met in an A-level History class on Tsarist Russia so have known each other for a long old time!

Jack Bunneys: So I suppose you weren’t Russian into things?  ……………………..   ok.. Moving on.   And how did you propose?

Nic: The proposal was planned with military precision. I worked with one of our favourite antique dealers in Harrogate to source a 2.2ct 1940s brilliant cut diamond which I knew was perfect for Laura. After getting the ring, I then decided to pop the question at the top of Primrose Hill in London and had arranged dinner at Odette’s restaurant to follow. However, 2ft of snow fell that February day and so my hill climbing plans were rather scuppered. We cut straight to champagne in a quiet corner of Odette’s cellar bar and when I couldn’t wait any longer I slid the ring box across the table and got down on one knee. 

Jack Bunneys:  Wow, so your planning skills were getting an early workout in preparation for the all-important wedding planning! How involved were you in these?

Nic:   I would say I was involved greatly – because we’re very close to our families and share a lot of friends we worked together to make sure that every aspect was special for them and personal to us.   Laura involved me at every stage (even if I didn’t always want to be involved). From meetings with the florist to wine tastings and hymn choices my input was demanded.

Jack Bunneys:  That’s good to hear.  It is always important for the groom to take an active role in aspects of the wedding planning!  It is diffiuclt though isn’t it?  Which parts did you enjoy and were there any parts you did not enjoy?

NicAs it was a marquee wedding there was lots to plan and we worked with a wedding planner to ensure everything was in place. I really enjoyed working with the marquee team to create our art deco inspired bar area in the reception marquee – we found a huge circular mirrored bar and a mirrored long bar that were pure Gatsby and looked spectacular on the day. They were the first things guests saw as they entered the marquee and it was great to see the reactions.
I found managing the invitation and RSVP list really stressful, especially as there were so many parts to the process – save the dates, invitations, thank you cards. I’m not much of an excel fan at the best of times but this part of the process made me never want to see another spreadsheet.

Jack Bunneys:  I feel your spreadsheet pain!  Excel is also not my friend.    I have to ask (it’s kind of important for the purposes of this blog) but what about the suits?    How did you end up here at JB?  

Nic:   I wanted something different but still classic and with elements of tradition. I decided pretty quickly that a morning suit was not for me – I wanted my suit to feel personal and something that said something about my style. I came across Jack Bunney’s online and from the selection of classic but non-fuddy duddy suits I knew that I had to pay the shop a visit.
            I really enjoyed sorting my suits and the process was one of my favourite parts of getting ready for the big day. I visited the shop a few times to try on various options and then be fitted for my made to measure Richmond suit and the team always made our party feel really special and confident that we would all look pretty sharp.

Jack Bunneys:  Thank you Nic, I am glad we could help and glad that you enjoyed your experience!   More importantly! The stag-do?  All the details please! (The ones I can publish)

Nic: My best friends and some trusted family members descended on Ascot races that were holding a 1950s race day. All of the gentlemen involved donned their best Cary Grant inspired threads and we did our best not to lose our shirts! We also spent two nights in Windsor getting rather merry.

Jack Bunneys: Nicely done Mr. Grant.    After all of your merriments, It was time to get down to the serious business of getting wed!  How did it all go?

Nic: Laura kept me waiting at the top of the aisle for what felt like years (it was 15 minutes) and I remember starting to feel slightly queasy. I breathed a sigh of relief when the organ piped up.
The wedding day was amazing. It was a really warm summer’s day, which really helped give that extra something to our marquee reception. It was incredible to see so many family and friends and to see Laura for the first time in her dress was unforgettable.

Jack Bunneys: Amazing! & How did your best man get on with that all-important speech?

Nic: The speeches were one of my favourite parts of the day and its great to watch our DVD back and see guests literally howling with laughter. My brother and Best Man had gone to the trouble of hunting out some old P.E school reports and entertained guests with tales of my lack of prowess on the sports field.

Jack Bunneys:  It sounds like an incredible day with wonderful memories!  How did you finish off such an amazing day?

 Nic: We held a BBQ at Laura’s parent’s house the day after the wedding and invited our closest family and friends to join us to finish off the many bottle of leftover champagne.  And after that we spent two weeks on Barbados following the wedding which was much needed down time after a busy few months of planning.

Jack Bunneys:  Nic, it sounds like you and Laura had an unforgettable time! Congratulations to you both and your families!   Thank you so much for taking the time for this interview and I would like to wish you both all the very best for the future! 

Images are courtesy of the incredible Bristol Wedding Photographer Albert Palmer

More Laura & Nic's Wedding can be seen on Albert Palmers blog post here: Click 

Nic and Laura would like to say a special thank you to the following companies:


1. Photographer:  Name:  Albert Palmer
2. Venue: Swarcliffe Hall, Birstwith, Harrogate
3. Wedding Dress: Angelina Colarusso Couture
4. Flowers: Where Angels Play
5. Make-up: Gemma Tyler
1.    Caterer: MKC (Mike Kernall Catering)
2.    Cars: Superior Motor Cars
3.    Marquees: Classic Marquees
4.    Wedding Planner: Sue White at The White Wedding Company