Monday, 13 July 2015

We are Hiring!

We are now looking for a new Bunney here at JB!

If you think you can fit the bill or know or anyone who is interested please send a copy of your C.V. to my email address:

Job Title:

  • Sales Assistant 


  • Barking, Essex.  IG118RT

Job Description:  

  • Here at JB all of our roles are wide and varied.  A typical day may include the following tasks: the preparation of orders, alterations, dealing with customer requests, pressing, administration and housekeeping duties.   Full training is offered and no experience is necessary.  


  • A good understanding of spoken English 
  • Availability to work on a full time basis including weekends. 
  • A passion for mens clothing or tailoring. 
  • Articulate with excellent communication skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Good standards of personal presentation. 


  • Competitive Salary*
  • 28 days holiday per annum. 
  • Full Training Given.
  • A fun, lively work environment. 
  • Invaluable traditional hand skills to be learned over time. 
  • Input into design, marketing and all aspects of business over time. 
  • No qualifications necessary. 
  • Staff Discount 

*Salary T.B.C.

All applicants will be treated fairly and not discriminated against on the grounds of gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability or age.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Welcome to 2015 !!!

Happy New Year to all of our wonderful customers, clients, suppliers and colleagues.

2014 has been an amazing year, we met literally 100's of incredible couples who were wed in 2014, they will forever remember 2014 (and us for that matter) and that is wonderful thing.

But it's New Years Eve, so its time to look forward!

We have 100's of bookings already in place for 2015, we are hoping to have many more too.  It is going to be an incredible year, we are very fortunate to have an imaginative and creative clientele, this means that the weddings, we are lucky enough to be involved in, will all be wonderful!

In 2015 Jack Bunneys will continue to innovate.  We have always tried, and will continue to try, to push the envelope in what can be achieved in not only style and design but also the level of customer that can be achieved.

Our previous innovations have been incredibly successful and we have seen them ripple throughout the industry.

In 2015 we are hoping our latest ideas will be just as influential.

We have a new Wedding Suit Hire range called the, Newbury.  This range is dramatically different from any other hire suit on the market.  The fabrics used to make this range are 100% exclusive to Jack Bunneys and have been created specifically for this sole purpose.  

We have also teamed up with the worlds finest cloth merchant 'Holland & Sherry' to create coordinating waistcoats for this new range.  This is our very first collaboration,  and the very first time we have had such an exclusive and bespoke garment available to hire.   This is a true world first.

The Newbury from Jack Bunneys

We have also created some more completely bespoke packages for you to both hire and buy. In our exclusive Bespoke/Hire service.   This 100% Exclusive service has been Jack Bunneys flagship service since 2013.  And now we have added two new colours.  These complete exclusive fabrics are made in England and are the finest silk and wool available.   The from purchase his perfectly made 'Made to Measure' suit and the rest of the party can hire a suit with a waistcoat made form he same fabric.  

Bespoke/Hire from Jack Bunneys.

These are just two of our new innovations for 2015.  And I hope you all like them as much as we do.

I am sure our other ranges are services will prove to be just as popular as usual.  So please check out our website for more details.

Thank you to all of our incredible and amazing customers for making 2014 truly unforgettable.

And I can't wait for 2015!!!  

Kind Regards
JB Team

Saturday, 13 December 2014

New Wedding Suit Hire for 2015 - Vintage Inspired Flannel Wool & Tweed Slim Fitting Wedding Suits - The Newbury

The Newbury from Jack Bunneys is an exclusive new 'Wedding Suit Hire' range.

This range uses exclusive West Of England pure wool fabrics in two unusual colours. 

The fabrics are lightweight, but also robust, they look deep and heavy but are fine and comfortable to wear.  

The colours are unusual and feature hints of natural shades as well as their main shading.  

The styling of this new wedding hire suit, is both modern and classical.  It features a very slim fitting trouser and jacket.  Yet also features traditional double breasted horseshoe waistcoats and tweeds.  

The design is neither a conventional wedding suit nor everyday business suit.  It is neither weekend country wear nor city business attire.  

This new suit defies definition but is also undeniably for a wedding.  

This new suit design sets the highest standard in quality and style for 2015.

This new wedding hire suit is ONLY available from Jack Bunneys 

For ore information please refer to our website: Click 

Exclusive Jack Bunneys - Newbury - Tweed & Flannel
Exclusive Jack Bunneys - Newbury - Tweed & Flannel
Exclusive Jack Bunneys - Newbury - Tweed & Flannel

Exclusive Jack Bunneys - Newbury - Tweed & Flannel
Exclusive Jack Bunneys - Newbury - Tweed & Flannel

Exclusive Jack Bunneys - Newbury - Tweed & Flannel
Exclusive Jack Bunneys - Newbury - Tweed & Flannel
Exclusive Jack Bunneys - Newbury - Tweed & Flannel
Exclusive Jack Bunneys - Newbury - Tweed & Flannel

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Black Friday (sales), Christmas and more moans.

November is traditionally our quiet time.  Wedding season runs all year for us, however we do less weddings in November. We try to make the most of this time.  We have photo-shoots, refits, we paint, we clean, we make everything look shiny and new.  Towards the end of November there is not so much to do.   Like everyone else we start thinking about Christmas, we put in some nice Christmas displays and make the shop all Christmassy and generally get ready for the festive season.

But what's this?  Retailers now have to slash their prices for one day only?  'Black Friday'  

I'm sorry but no.  Nope, nada.  We will not being doing that here.  And this is why.

The run up to Christmas should not be about how much money we can spend, how much stuff we can accumulate.  In my opinion Christmas should be about spending real quality time with those you love.  Yes you may buy gifts, but hey don't feel obliged!

The media tells us this is nonsense, we are bombarded with 24 hours of adverts, telling us what we should buy, how much we should buy and why we should buy it.   Non-sensical perfume adverts, gluttonous frozen foods and sickly alcohol adverts start in November.  TV programmes advising on what we should wear for Christmas, how we should cut our hair, how we should think, but most importantly on what we should buy!  Buy, spend, buy spend.

Sure if you want a break from all this expenditure you can hide until after Christmas.  Nope.  No you can't.  Here is the footage on the news of the housewife who left her family to fend for themselves over Christmas so she could stand (camp) in a line for two days, just to be first in line for the DFS Boxing day sale.

You get the idea.  Consumerism is out of hand.  'Black Friday' is just another example of the rampant disease that is in real danger of sucking any goodness from what should be a lovely time of year.

I know what you are thinking, this guy works in retail, surely he knows about margins, seasonal purchasing and all the other fluff retailers should know?    Well yes I do.  And I don't care.  Yes I could have a sale.  Yes I could take some extra money over Christmas.  In the short term this would seem great but Jack Bunneys is different.  We don't have to have a sale and we would rather not take extra money over the Christmas period, instead we will use this time to meet new clients for next year, we will clean, tidy, reorganise but most importantly we will spend (real-quality-time) time with our families.