Friday, 15 August 2014

Danny & Lindsey's Fairytale Christmas Castle Wedding

Featured Jack Bunney Grooms - Real Weddings

It has been sometime since I wrote a blog post, it has been even longer since I wrote a post featuring a Bunney Groom.
 We have been so lucky here at JB, we are blessed with some amazing customers and we get to see so many wonderful weddings!
 Each one is unique, each a representation of the couple and their shared love for each other. Over the next few weeks, I am going to feature a wide variety of different weddings, each one individual and special.
 To start I am featuring the wedding of Mr & Mrs Mann and their Fairytale Christmas Castle Wedding.

Every wedding starts with a proposal and Danny (forever the romantic) whisked Lindsey off to a beautiful castle in the historical town of Bath for a surprise proposal, fortunately for all involved Lindsey said yes and the planning began in earnest!

 Danny is of the new-man variety and took over his share of wedding planning, he enjoyed meeting all the suppliers and getting to know the people who would help make their dreams reality!

 Which is how we at Jack Bunneys had the good fortune to meet Danny & Lindsey. It was at one of our very rare appearances at a ‘Wedding Fayre’ where Danny stumbled upon our little stand. Danny immediately fell in love with one of our suits on display there and just HAD to have that one!

 On the wedding day itself our groom was a little taken aback by how excited he felt, the day was one of the most special and surreal moments of his life.

 The day was ‘Perfect’ with guests still talking about the amazing ‘FairyTale’ wedding.

 Every detail from the hilarious best mans speech, to the beautiful flowers from Confetti Connections and the awesome photographer! (Mark Keig) was just ‘perfect’.

 This amazing wedding had the ultimate icing on the cake! As the last song began to play “All I Want For Christmas” a fluttering of white snow enveloped the beautiful fairytale castle! It really does not get any more special than that!

 The perfect ending to a Fairytale Christmas Wedding.


 Mr & Mrs Mann would like to say a special thank you to the following suppliers: 

 Us! (Thanks guys) - Jack Bunneys Tailors for supplying the suits. 

 Confetti Connections who did an amazing job with decorations and flowers (and so much more). 

 Marc Keig - the awesome photographer!

Credit where credit is due:
 Photographer: Marc Keig - 
Venue: Cooling Castle Barn - 
Wedding Dress: Bellisma Brides - 
Flowers: Confetti Connections - 
Make Up- Woo Hairdressers
Car: Essex Limos

Thursday, 1 May 2014

2014, the story so far! (& was Marc right?)

Hi All,
As usual at this time of year I have no time at all to myself! Which means my Tweeting & Blogging comes to a virtual standstill. But as usual I have to remind myself that my Tweeting, blogging & vlogging is an integral part of what we do here.  Communicating with our current customers and potential customers is key to our continued success.  Sharing our images, our ideas and a little of ourselves with you, the public, is what makes us unique.  Our little business has always been a bit different, and the only way I can explain this to the world is to literally show you! That means pictures, tweets, videos and blogs.

So todays blog is about 2014. Back in 2013 I made certain predictions about this year and it is now time to find out if I was right!  I wrote two posts, one of what I would 'Like' to happen in 2014 and one for the things I thought 'Will' happen in 2014.

1. Like to Happen in 2014 Click

2. Will Happen in 2014 Click 

In the first post, the very first thing I listed was 'Double Breasted' wedding suits.  Well this one hasn't really happened.  I still think it is coming it just hasn't happened yet.  Which is a shame. This is going on my 2015 list!

Double Breasted Wedding Suit from Jack Bunneys
Next I went on to different coloured wedding suits.  Well I am pleased to say this has happened! Yay! We are using 'Burgundy' and 'Brown' wedding suits every week now, so that is huge! For years, black blue and grey have been the staple. To break that mould is awesome!

Burgundy Wedding suit from Jack Bunneys
I then went onto say 'Fancy Waistcoats' but not the swirly types, but rather than matching waistcoats, different colours and patterns. Specifically woollens, flannels and tweeds.  Well I was 100% bang on with this one too!  This has been hugely popular all over, not just here at JB.

Blue York from Jack Bunneys
And lastly I said bow-ties!  I say this every year and every year, it never really seems to breakthrough.  In some ways I am kind of glad about this. It keeps the use of bow-ties to the more eccentric or daring. I am some what grateful it isn't main stream as this would detract from the idea of wearing something quirky!
Blue Wedding Suit with Bow tie from Jack Bunneys
So those were the things I would 'Like' to see in 2014 and to be honest I am very pleased! 50% of the things I wanted to see in 2014 are now proving popular.  So I am over the moon!  I am sure by 2015, the rest will have taken hold. Well maybe not bow-ties!

The other post predicted what we would actually see in 2014.  And to be honest I was 100% correct!  All of those things that were popular in 2013 are still popular now!

3.Piece Suits:
Three Piece Blue Suit
Blue Wedding Suits:
Blue Wedding Suits
U-shaped Waistcoats:
U-shaped waistcoats
Slim Everything:
Slim Black Wedding Suit
Tie Bar
The conclusion to draw from these posts is simple.  I am right.  Mostly.

Out of the 9 predictions I made back in June/July 2013.  7 of them have become true and two of those were a surprise even for me!

In a few months I will be making my predictions for 2015 and I have a good idea of what I would like to see and a pretty good idea of what I will actually see.  Maybe I can be 100% right next year!


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Jack Bunneys Wedding Suit Hire Service - A few explanations etc. Jack Bunneys

Jack Bunneys has often been at odds with the wedding industry.

I know that is a strange way to start a blog post about our 'successful' Wedding-Suit-Hire service but that is the truth.   I am sure the reason that Jack Bunneys actually have any success at all in the wedding industry is precisely because we are at odds with the rest of the industry.   When I first started writing this blog way back in 2007, I talked about the stagnant nature of our industry.  I talked about how a culture of apathy had developed, how a reluctance to change was dragging small and large business alike into a downward spiral of lower prices and less custom.

Well we tried to do things differently.  We tried everything we could think of!  But most importantly we tried to do things that we really liked!  In the hope that we were not the only ones who liked what we liked.  If you know what I mean.  

We tried finer materials.  We tried different colours.  We tried slimmer fits.  We tried losing the fancy waistcoats.  We tried introducing different styles.  We tried inventing new genres.  We tried inventing new services and new ways of looking at the industry.   In short we did what we wanted and to hell with what the industry told us we should be doing.   

At times we got it wrong.  We were either way off the mark or the timing was just not quite right.  But in most cases we found that if we liked it, then there was someone else out there who shared our enthusiasm.  

Using this method we had success.

Because we had success, others changed too.  And because they had success, even more changed too.   Now it is 2014 and most 'Wedding Suit Hire' services offer finer cloths, better fits, different services and generally a better quality product all round.   I am not saying Jack Bunneys are totally responsible for this revolution but we had a good hand in it.  

For us it does not stop here.  Yes we have achieved what we set out to achieve back in 2007 ('To Change The World Of Formalwear Forever') but we are not finished.  We are always working on new ideas, new designs, new services.   

With all this success, I suppose we should be millionaires and opening branches all over the world? Millionaires we are definitely not, and in regards to opening other branches; not yet.  Maybe one day we will want to expand, we certainly could but right now we are all happy and content in our small business.  Here we can micro-manage the business, we can be hands-on with every single order and talk to every single customer.  Will Jack Bunneys be the same without this?  I am not sure.  

That leaves us here, with a successful 'Wedding Suit Hire' business but with a desire to be something other than that.  We want to be more, we want to be innovators and revolutionaries.  

So we strike a balance.  Some of the time we are "Bespoke Tailors", creating unique extraordinary suits for the most special of occasions, some of the time we are "Designers' creating ready-made wedding outfits to hire and buy and the rest of the time we are managing our 'Wedding Suit Hire' business. 

This leads me onto my point. (I know it took a while right?!)

We simply cannot be all things to all people.  Jack Bunneys is a small business, a 'Boutique' business, specialising in wedding suits, whether they are to hire or buy.  We do not hire 100's of suits every week, we do not sell 1000's of suits every week.  We balance the two, we hire as many suits as we can.  But we will not hire any more than we can cope with.  We will not compromise quality by booking more than we can prepare properly.  

If you are wondering why we are 'FULLY BOOKED' for your wedding date in 2014, it is simply that others booked before you did.  We are not discriminating, we are not being unreasonable, we will not by bought with offers of 'paying extra'.  We are booking as many wedding-hire-suits as we can, as many as we want to or as many as we need to.    

If you are one of those who has booked Jack Bunneys for your 'Wedding Suit Hire' in 2014 rest assured that we will be working exceptionally hard to make sure that your suits are as good as they can be and you will also be receiving a product that has been designed by 'Bespoke Tailors' who specialise in creating amazing wedding suits.  

Jack Bunneys : Bespoke/Hire Service 

Jack Bunneys - Slim Fit Hire Suit in Blue 

Jack Bunneys - Tailored Fit Hire Suits in Grey 

Jack Bunneys - Made to Order and Hire suits