Thursday 6 June 2013

In 2008 we set out to change the world of Formal Wear Forever now it's nearly 2014!

Once again we have had a ridiculously busy wedding season!  Our hire department is very nearly 'Fully Booked' for 2013, so our attention has turned to 2014.  What can we do that's new and interesting for our customers!?! 

Quite a few years  ago (January 2008)  I started this blog with this mission statement:

Welcome to the Bunney Blog. This is the blog for Jack Bunney Ltd. We are a small family run business in East London. We are bespoke tailors and formalwear specialists.The business is owned and run by 3 guys, Marc, Rob and Peter.I hope you enjoy our blog and keep checking in from time to time. The business is always evolving and we are always looking for new ways to move forward and change the world (of formalwear)We set out with a simple aim: To Change the World!!  (of formal wear).

  Well I think we have done a pretty damn good job of doing just that!  At that time the industry was getting rather tired, each year saw the same suits and the same designs churned out, over and over again.  Now I see other independent Hire Wear businesses spending time, effort and money on the design of their new ranges.  And they are doing so each year! Which means the industry is now changing more rapidly.  There is more choice on style, fit, cut, fabric and design than there has ever been before in the 'Hire' industry and this is in no small part down to Jack Bunneys.   Obviously it is not all down to us!  There have been and there are other independents out there who also deserve credit for dragging the industry out of the dark ages.  

Back in 2007 we introduced Brown as a colour of both morning suit and lounge suit to hire.

In 2008 we introduced a ceremony suit - A suit which was not a morning, evening or lounge suit but rather just a 'Wedding Suit'

In 2009 we introduced lightweight lightweight morning wear in all colours and in slim fits.  

In 2010 we introduced slim fitting lounge suits to hire and a new french blue colour (replacing navy).

In 2011 we designed a Slim Fitting Ceremony called the Harrogate. 

In 2012 we designed more slim fitting ceremony suits in varying fabrics, called the Richmond. 

in 2013 we introduced a new hire range of suits called the York.  Which was the first hire suit designed just for Vintage themed weddings.  We also designed a new service called ' Bespoke / Hire ' which entwined the vintage wedding suit hire service with our 'made to measure' department.

In 2014 .....  

Well that's the question isn't it.  

Without giving too much away I can tell you the following:

The Worcester suits will be RE-NEWED for 2014!   This means new colours, new fitting trousers and more choice in waistcoat design.    This has been our most popular range over the last few years and although it is still popular it is time to modernise the range.  

The York, Vintage Wedding Hire Suit will be getting a new colour! This new range for 2013 has been HUGELY popular and we are going to extend the range into one extra colour.  The new colour was always intended to be included in the original design but we decided to not include it for 2013.  Now we can complete the range the way it was always intended. 

The Bespoke/Hire service will also be extended by one extra option!  Again this will be inline with the new colour in the York suit.  This new option again was always intended to be included and this new option will complete this service.  

There are also going to be a few surprises!  But these you will have to wait and see.  

There are lots of exciting things happening for 2014