Thursday 17 March 2011

We sell Wedding Suits too!

2011 has started with a bang! We have shot off of the blocks and booked so many 'Suit Hire Groups' that each weekend is now very close to being fully booked (if it isn't already).

But don't panic we don't just 'Hire' suits. We sell 100's of wedding suits each year. We can sell them in variety of different ways. Made-to-Measure, Made-to-Order or Ready-to-wear.
We have lots of samples of different wedding suits you can purchase in our shop. Or if you have your own design in mind please do not hesitate to contact us and I am sure we can offer a solution (or at least some advice).
The above picture is of a Made-to-order silk suit. This fabric is the same used for our 'Kensington' hire range but the style is from our 'Worcester' hire range. You can combine the fabrics and styles as you see fit when ordering made-to-order.
To visit our shop and view our selection of samples of made-to-order or made-to-measure wedding suits please telephone to make an appointment. tel: 02085941654
I look forward to meeting you.
Kind Regards

We don't only sell wedding suits you know! pt3.

We may be very well known all over the U.K for our wedding hire service but not many people realise we also sell lots of other products. All of which are of the same high quality as our wedding garments.

We now sell casual wear in our shop. This includes excellent quality Jeans and the finest Polo Shirts.

Our Jeans are made from fantastic high grade cotton and a small amount of Elasthane. This is so each pair of jeans can not only look modern and stylish, but also be comfortable too. We have different fits available, from comfort to slim. As with any Jack Bunney product any alterations can be done on the premises completely free of charge.

Our polo shirts are made in Germany from the finest Swiss cottons. They are ultra lightweight, superfine cottons. They are cool to wear and easy care. The cotton is specially treated to be wrinkle free and crease free all day. They are sold as NON-IRON cottons.
We sell more products than you would probably imagine! To make an appointment to view our casual wear please call 02085941654.
Thank You

We don't only sell wedding suits you know! pt2.

As you know we are well known all over the U.K. for our wedding suits but not everyone realises we sell other products too!

We now sell wonderful quality shirts and ties and we have a vast range in stock.

All of our shirts are made in Germany (where else!) and are made from the finest Swiss cottons. The very best thing about our shirts is the nature of that cotton, the cotton is 100% NON IRON. This ensures that the shirt is crease and wrinkle free throughout the day.

Our shirts are available in a large selection of styles, including; tab collar, spread collar, semi-cutaway collar, double cuff, single cuff and dual cuff. They are also available in comfort, slim or super slim fit.

We also sell a massive selection pure silk ties. We have plain twill weave silks in slim and regular widths. Stripes, paisleys and other patterns all available in slim ties or regular ties. We now also stock a wonderful new range of ties exclusive to Jack Bunneys.

To view the full range please make an appointment to visit our shop and browse are extensive selection. telephone 02085941654

We don't only sell wedding suits you know!

Hi guys,

Jack Bunneys has become quite well known for our wedding attire but that is not all we sell here.

We have turned our tailors eye for attention to detail to everyday garments too.

We now sell fantastic quality, excellent value for money, ready-to-wear business suits. These suits are made from the finest designer brand Italian fabrics and they are engineered in Germany (just like our wedding suits). The suits can be purchased as mix and match sizes and are available in a variety of fabrics and colours. There are also available in all sizes, in slim, tailored or comfort fit. Of course just like any Jack Bunney product any alterations are included in the price and are completed here on the premises by ourselves.
We sell much, much more than you would think. If you would like to make an appointment to visit our shop and try-on our ready-to-wear suits please call 02085941654

Monday 14 March 2011

Wedding Suit Hire 2011 - Availability

We have had an incredible start to the 2011 wedding season. In fact our 'wedding suit hire' service has been overwhelmed. We have seen an unprecedented amount of bookings for 'suit hire' most weekends for Summer 2011 are now FULLY BOOKED* some have VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY**.

**Limited Availability - Suits are available to hire. But not all ranges are available. Please telephone 02085941654 to find out if the range you would like is available.

*Fully Booked - All hire ranges are now un-available. I am afraid that this weekend (and the 2 days either side of this weekend) are now unavailable for hire.

18th of June 2011 - FULLY BOOKED

25th of June 2011 - FULLY BOOKED

2nd of July 2011 - FULLY BOOKED

9th of July 2011 - FULLY BOOKED

16th of July 2011 - FULLY BOOKED

23rd of July 2011 - FULLY BOOKED

29th of July 2011 - FULLY BOOKED

6th of August 2011 - FULLY BOOKED

13th of August 2011 - FULLY BOOKED

20th of August 2011 - FULLY BOOKED

27th of August 2011 - FULLY BOOKED

3rd of September 2011 - FULLY BOOKED

10th of September 2011 - FULLY BOOKED

17th of September 2011 - FULLY BOOKED

24th of September 2011 - FULLY BOOKED

2nd of October 2011 - Very Limited Availability

Any weekends which are not mentioned in the above list are unaffected. Whilst the 'Wedding Suits' are fully booked or limited we normally have a 'Dinner Suit Hire' service available.
And the 'School Prom Hire' service remains unaffected.

We always have 'Wedding Suits' available in our shop to buy; ready-to-wear, made-to-order or made-to-measure. please be advised that this list was created on the 21st of JUNE 2011 at 11.05am availability is subject to change.

Thursday 10 March 2011

My Wedding Suit (Part Three)

Well it is nearly all finished.

The fabric for the suit is from 'Holland and Sherry' They are the worlds finest producers of fabric.

The fabric comes from the 'SherryKash' range.

The jacket and waistcoat are 8 oz fabrics. Made from 10% Finest Cashmere and 90% finest super 120's merino wool.

The cord trousers are 95% lightweight cotton (13 oz) and 5% finest cashmere.

All made-to-measure here Jack Bunneys.

Thursday 3 March 2011

My Wedding Suit (Part Two)

Well I now have my shirt, shoes and tie.

My shirt was made-to-measure. The cotton is 100% finest two ply cotton (132 gm).

It has a concealed gusset (fly-front), rounded double cuff, straight bottom, no pocket and sleeve tabs. It has some quite nice detailing too, my monogram is on the right cuff in very small, subtle toning embroidery. It also has real pearl buttons and a white rounded tab collar.

My tie is 100% knitted silk.

And my shoes are from the hand crafted collection from Barker shoes. The shoes are in an acorn burnished calf leather. Leather uppers, inners and soles.