Wednesday 21 January 2009

Diamond Chip Fabric

Diamond Chip
Perhaps men are not so easily seduced by jewellery, but they will certainly appreciate this tailor-made gem of a suit. For all the men out there who insist upon a “Rolls Royce” suit, Scabal has designed a cloth which incorporates diamond fragments. This new fabric range, which has been christened “Diamond Chip”, comes in a variety of patterns and colours. Anyone who mentions luxury suits, automatically thinks of Scabal. Constantly striving for innovation, Scabal created in 2001 the first cloth containing diamond fragments, entitled“Diamond Chip”. This involved a great deal of research and development. After all, it was not Scabal's intention to design a museum piece, but instead to design a cloth that could be turned easily into a stylish and elegant suit.
The diamond chips are processed into the cloth as soon as the wool has been cleaned and combed. Microscopically small diamond fragments are then spread on the wool, and it is only then that the wool is spun. The result is a shiny thread to be woven into exceptional fabrics. The latter not only shine literally and figuratively, but they also feel comfortable and hang beautifully. Scabal never sacrifices comfort for the sake of beauty.
The success of the launch in 2001 exceeded all expectations. In view of the immense demand, Scabal has now decided to develop another brand-new fabric range on this theme. The new 2007 “Diamond Chip” range comprises no less than 23 different patterns and colours; the largest collection ever. The cloth consists of a Super 150's wool (80 %) – into which diamond fragments have been processed – and pure silk (20 %). Once again, the cloth is being woven at Scabal's own weaving-mill in Huddersfield (UK). The subtle grey, brown, and blue tints, the woven stripy patterns and the semi-plain patterns do perfect justice to the sparkling diamonds. Ideal for men who like celebrating in sheer luxury.
The 2007 “Diamond Chip” collection is available at all luxury menswear stores in the 65 countries where Scabal has a presence. The fabric is packaged as befits a true jewel, that is to say, in a luxury box with its own “Diamond Chip” fabric label. The quallity guarantee statement “Scabal – Super 150's – Silk with diamond fragments – made in England” is woven into the selvedge of the fabric. The fabric is 150 cm wide and weighs 260 grammes/metre.

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