Tuesday 17 June 2008

Summer Style Guide 2008

Style should be a personal choice. We create our own style throughout our lives and hopefully our style choices are as unique as ourselves. Having said that, there is a necessity to change, tastes change and we change. Therefore we must be aware of fashion and continue to make the correct style choices each season to continue to maintain our own unique images.

So whats hot Summer '08:

This season we are seeing a more European look, with linen and brown being used on the high street. Tailoring is still very formal, with a well-fitted suit being the first item on any ones summer shopping list. Bespoke or made-to-measure is the only way to buy a suit this summer. However jackets are casual, cotton and linen being worn with jeans and the surprise hit of the spring/summer the Deck Shoe! (who would have thought it!)


Suits continue to be formal and fitted. A one-button single breasted and 2-button double breasted are both hot. Grey and silver mohair fabrics, mixed with super 110's, or super 120's wool for a light and soft finish. Slim fitting trousers higher waisted to be worn with a waistcoat to create 3.piece suits are hot this summer too!


Linen is back! beige, fawn, brown, blue, cream and white linen jackets are a must!to be worn with jeans or slacks. Fitted and buggy-lined (half-lined).


The five pocket hipster trouser is still in charge here, but with softer natural fabrics.


Slim, fitted and single cuff. Natural fabrics Swiss cotton and linens.

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