Thursday 29 November 2012

2013 - My prediction for wedding suit trends.

Here are my annual predictions for the 'Wedding Suit Hire' industry, fortunately I don't foresee one particular trend for 2013 (as I have in previous years) but rather an eclectic bag of different tastes and ideas, I think this could be the current state of the wedding industry, as a whole and I for one, think that is fantastic news for everyone!  The trend for individuality and creativity can only lead to more unique and wonderful weddings. 
One particular trend does stand out for me at present and that is 'Individuality' I can only see this trend  becoming stronger & stronger throughout 2013. There is only one problem with this, 'individuality' and 'suit hire' are not necessarily two terms used in the same sentence!  This is where I think the creativity will have to come in, grooms will be increasingly purchasing custom made suits or accessories (or both) whilst hiring the perfect ensemble to compliment his outfit.  Essentially acting more like a bride (and complimenting bridesmaids) when purchasing 'The One'.

2012 saw yet another increase in popularity for 'Three Piece Suits'  Our 'Harrogate' & 'Worcester' hire ranges were once again our most popular hire suits.  I predict the popularity of 'Three Piece' suits to continue or more accurately the popularity of 'fancy' wedding waistcoats to continue to decline.  

However I do foresee a return of the 'Wedding' waistcoat,  just a slightly different take on the 'usual' wedding waistcoat.  I predict plain coloured waistcoats, pure wool and double breasted waistcoats to slowly start to be seen thoughout 2013.  

Slim Fit will still be very popular throughout 2013 however I also predict a trend of a 'Tailored' fit (a fitted suit, which is not slim or skinny).
Made to Measure services will continue to be increasingly popular because of the trend in slim & tailored fit.  
A return to more traditional modes of dress for men will be seen through the 2013 wedding season.  

Neckwear will be a rather varied bag in 2013.  I predict the decline of the ruche/scrunchy style of cravat to continue but I predict the more traditonal style of cravat to be seen again.  Ties in regular, slim and skinny widths will be, once again, the most popular style of neckwear worn by our grooms but I am increasingly excited about bow-ties and I predict that 2013 could just be the year that bow-ties make it into the mainstream for wedding suits. 

Accessories will be the must-have for the 2013 groom, tie bars, collar bars and pocket watches will be used increasingly.

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