Monday 26 November 2012

2013 Wedding Suit Hire Collection - Whats Happening.

2012 has proven to be another awesome year for Jack Bunneys.  Once again we have surpassed our own expectations and hired, sold and made more wedding suits than we even thought possible!  We have met some wonderful people and we have been part of some truly incredible weddings.  We consider ourselves very fortunate to have carved out a client base of creative, particular and discerning customers.

Where do we go from here?

In 2013 we are hoping to expand our 'Wedding Suit Hire' collection and further integrate our other more bespoke services.

 How do we intend to do this?

We have created a new 'Wedding Suit Hire' suit, which is a departure form our usual styles, we have called this style 'The York'

'The York'  is not like our usual styles, it is still Slim-Line, but is a more casual, relaxed style of wedding suit.   The fabrics are soft lightweight cloths available in two colours.  First there is a chocolate brown, this incredibly lightweight fabric is a 'True' chocolate brown and is made of the finest super 100's pure wool.  It feels luxurious to wear and has a softer finish than some of our other more formal hire suits.   The second is a light blue, the fabric is a lightweight mohair and wool blend from Vitale Barberis, it is fine, luxurious but still sharp.
The York differs from our other suits because it is not the usual Jack Bunney 'Ceremony Suit'.  Our usual wedding suits are normally specifically designed to fall between the usual suit genres of Morning Suit, Evening Suit and Lounge suit.  However the York suit is definitely a lounge suit.   It does not have a covered button, like our other wedding suits, instead it has a bone button.  It does not have a bluff edge like our other wedding suits, instead it has a saddle stitch on the lapels and the pockets.  It also features an outer ticker pocket, unlike any other wedding suit we currently have.

The York  Wedding suit was designed with the primary purpose of being suitable for the popular 'Vintage Style' of wedding.  The 'Vintage' tag however is not exclusive, this term has become more of an umbrella term for those weddings which have a 'Vintage' feel or theme, it also incorporates those weddings with a 'Country' feel or theme and those 'DIY' styles of weddings.  The Vintage term now applies to almost any wedding style which is more unusual and creative (our type of customers!).

When we designed the York we designed it is a Three Piece Suit, this means we designed it with a matching waistcoat first and foremost.  However we know our customers and we know that having a unique wedding, means you need a lot of opportunities to stamp your own identity on your wedding suit.  So we also designed some new waistcoat options for the York suit.   These are not like the standard wedding style of waistcoats you would associate with a wedding suit.  Just like the design of the suit itself, we wanted a total departure from the 'conventional', we designed 'Pure Wool' waistcoats in both single and double breasted to compliment the Vintage them perfectly.  We also have a vast selection of other colours available in these waistcoats, which will not be available to hire but rather have made-to-measure on a bespoke basis, thus creating a truly unique ensemble.

Accessories are also a rather important factor when considering a 'Vintage' theme, accessories make all the difference when creating a unique, personalised ensemble for your wedding suit.  With this in mind we created our new online shop, to sell all of the most popular accessories for our new wedding suit designs.  Some of these accessories cannot be purchased anywhere else, and will compliment your style perfectly.  The Jack Bunney Shop only opened recently and is proving rather popular.  It was created with the sole purpose of supplying all of the accessories (with the exception of shirts and shoes) for our new 2013 wedding suits.

Our final new idea for 2013 is something which we are very excited about.  It incorporates our new Vintage Wedding Hire Suit with our most popular 'Made To Measure' service.  We are calling this service 'Bespoke Hire'  It is a little complicated at first but the idea is actually rather simple.  When we designed the York suit, we designed the suit to perfectly compliment two of our most popular 'Made-to-Measure' suits.  The two Made to Measure suits are both a country tweed check, one in a brown/fawn shade, the other a grey/blue shade, both in a superfine super 120's worsted wool.  We also made, from these fabrics two ranges of 'Hire' waistcoats to compliment these suits.   We are however only allowing those Grooms that choose a 'Made to Measure' suit to hire these waistcoats.  This will make sure those only those customers who choose to have something created which is completely unique will have the opportunity of hiring suits which perfectly match.  This new service has all ready proven to exceptionally popular and we hope this trend grows throughout 2013.

Those are our new ideas for 2013 so far.  Obviously there will be a few surprises as we progress through the wedding season so please keep an eye on our Facebook & Twitter feed for the latest info.

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