Tuesday 20 November 2012

Wedding Suit Hire Availability Update - 2013

As our 'Wedding Suit Hire' service has increased over the years, our business has been busier and busier!!

This does however mean that to meet the demand we can only book weddings which we can actually fulfil.  This ensures each wedding is given the correct amount of time and attention, this also ensures we have a full stock of sizes available for each wedding.  Jack Bunneys has a long tradition of excellence in customer service and we would NEVER let any of our customers down, therefor we can only book so many weddings every week.

I realise this is disappointing for some and I would like to apologise for being unable to supply 'Hire' suits for those whose weddings fall on the dates listed below:

The below dates are now FULLY BOOKED for 'Wedding Suit Hire'

9/10/13 to 15/10/13: FULLY BOOKED

16/10/13 to 22/10/13: FULLY BOOKED

23/10/13 to 29/10/13: FULLY BOOKED

30/10/13 to 01/12/13: FULLY BOOKED

01/12/13 to 06/01/14: FULLY BOOKED

21/05/2014 to 27/5/2014: VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY *

*Very Limited Availability: There are now restrictions on some ranges, some ranges may be unavailable.  Also some restrictions may be in place on the quantity of suits available. 

Please be reminded that our Made to Measure services, Made to Order services and other Retail options are unaffected.  (please allow up to 12 weeks for the completion of a made-to-order or made-to-measure)

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