Thursday 19 January 2012

Jack Bunney - How-To Guide - Number Three. - How to tie a windsor knot

The Jack Bunney - How-to Guide.
Number Three - How to Tie a Windsor Knot

When the trend-setting Prince of Wales (late the Duke of Windsor) took a liking to large tie knots in the 1930's, it did not go unnoticed. Within years men everywhere wore ties "fastened with the popular Windsor knot, large than the usual four-in-hand, to fill the space of the wide spread collar", Wrote Esquire in 1940. Discarding the ubiquitous four-in-hand in favour of the larger knot was, at the time, a conspicuous gesture. But it was an elegant one too, and the knot has never really fallen out of fashion.

In fact the Duke of Windsor never actually invented the knot and did not even wear it. Yes he did have a personal preference for a larger knot, but in fact had his ties all custom made with a thick interfacing, guaranteeing a large knot tie.

Step One:

Start with the wide end "A" and extend it about 12 inches below narrow end "B". Now cross the wide end "A" over narrow end "B"

Step Two:

Now, turn the wide end "A" back underneath the narrow end "B

Step Three:

Continue by bringing the wide end "A" back over in front of the narrow end "B" again. Do pull a little tight as you want to tighten the fabric a little but not too much where the wide end "A" will not ride along the narrow end "B" in a later step.

Step Four:

Now, pull the wide end "A" up, behind, and over the X and then under the loop around your neck.

Step Five:

Now, take the wide end "A" and slip it under the knot and up towards the neck.

Step Six:

Take the wide end "A" now and slip it under the last cross over and begin to pull the tie down.

Step Seven:

And lastly, continue to pull the wide end and squeezing the knot. This knot typically does not require, and we don't think it even looks good to have a dimple - so, just flatten the sides for the finishing touch.

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