Thursday 19 January 2012

Jack Bunney - How-To Guide - Number Four - How to tie a cravat for a wedding.

The Jack Bunney - How-To Guide
Number Four - How to Tie a Cravat for a Wedding

The most common, contemporary method of wearing a cravat for a wedding is the 'ruche' tie or scrunchy knot. This is a simple four-in-hand knot ruched up to the neck.

Step One:
Put the cravat around your neck. Make sure that the tops of the cravats are level. Some cravats are made so that one end is longer than the other however if your cravat is equal in length it does not matter. Call one side / the longer side ‘A’ and the other side / shorter side ‘B’.

Step Two:
Bring A across the front of B. Make sure that it is not too loose or too tight.

Step Three:
Bring A around and behind B.

Step Four:
Bring A around and behind B to form the knot.

Step Five:
Bring A up and behind the loop.

Step Six:
Bring A through the front of the knot. The folds sewn into the cravat create the scrunchie / ruche effect on the knot. If using a cravat that was equal in step 1 it will be unavoidable that the back of the finished cravat will be longer than the front. This should be easily hidden under a waistcoat.

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