Thursday 19 January 2012

Jack Bunney - How-To Guide - Number Five - How to tie a Formal Cravat

The Jack Bunney - How-To Guide
Number Five - How-To Tie a Formal Cravat

This more elaborate knot is a more formal knot which can be used for self-tie (double ended) silk cravats. This knot requires the use of a cravat (or stick) pin.

Step One:

Drape the cravat around the neck, with both ends at equal length.

Step Two:

Cross the right blade (a) over the other (b).

Step Three:

Loop 'A' up and under 'B' to the left.

Step Four:

Lay 'A' over the top of 'B' , both hanging vertically.

Step Five:

Loop 'A' down and under 'B' to the right.

Step Six:

Pass 'A' up and through the knot created by step five.

Step Seven:

Pull the two blades to create a centre knot.

Step Eight:

Fold the two blades together and pin the together according to your style.

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