Thursday 17 January 2008

A Wedding Suit For Dorian Gray

From time to time, here at Jack Bunneys we get asked for something that is a little different. Wherever we can help we will certainly try. We created some fantastic and original suits after a unique and unusual request from a customer!

One of my personal favourites was the suit we made for a customer who was getting married in the ICE HOTEL in Sweden.

This customer brought with him a DVD sleeve with a picture of the suit he wanted to wear for his wedding. The DVD was the 2003 movie: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen starring Sean Connery.

The character our customer would like his suit based upon was the character of Dorian Gray (played by Stuart Townsend). (pictured).

Well we like a challenge! So we set about renting DVDs and trying to glimpse the suit as carefully as we could, although you never see the suit in its entirety in the movie, we could see enough to begin work.

Between the customer and Peter (our bespoke tailor) they created an interpretation of the suit Dorian Gray wore. This interpretation also had to be a modern wedding suit, suitable for the Ice Hotel.

I think the pictures show that between the initial enquiry from the customer and the finished article the customer helped create something unique and unusual.


Thank you to Mr and Mrs Porter


Anonymous said...

Nice suits..

Anonymous said...

Where can I get these types of suits at?

Marc said...

This suit was made Bespoke by Jack Bunney Ltd.