Thursday 31 January 2008

A little Bunney History

Jack Bunneys is FIFTY in Feb, so I thought it might be a good idea to give you a history lesson! Yeah! History, now sit down, don't fiddle with your shatter proof rulers or pull the girl in fronts hair. Stay seated and absorb the riveting history of the Bunney . . . . .

A Long .....
Long ....
Time Ago
In A Galaxy
Away ....

Jack Bunney Limited was established as a Limited company on the 17th February 1958.

Originally based at number 36 Longbridge Road close to the Rio Cinema (which became the Barking Odeon) it moved to number 50 Longbridge road in the late 70’s.

Jack Bunneys, opened as a Bespoke Tailor in 1958 and flourished, making suits, by hand, for the people of East London throughout the 50’s and 60’s.

Jack’s eye for quality, style and attention to detail become synonymous with the shop and it enjoyed many periods of popularity in the 60’s and 70’s. In this period Jack Bunneys introduced a ready-to-wear collection and evening hire.

The evening hire and work rooms were located upstairs in the shop at number 36 whilst bespoke fittings were done downstairs in the shop front.

In the late 70’s the shop moved. Just a few doors down to number 50! This shop had just the one floor and in this shop were located workrooms, evening hire and ready-to-wear.

Jack retired in the early 80’s. However the shop remained. Now owned by previous employees of Jack’s the shop once more went through a transformation. This time adding top European branded clothing and wedding hire services. Jack Bunney Limited once more enjoyed a period of increased popularity. As the 80’s boom increased the appetite for top European clothing the ready-to-wear collections grew, incorporating more and more casual wear. All the while made-to-measure became less popular.

The nineties saw an increase in Jack Bunney’s hire department. Each year saw an increase in the range of wedding and evening hire. Whilst still enjoying growth in the ready-to-wear collections. Casual wear became less popular and formal clothing became a speciality for Jack Bunneys. Evening Wear, Formal Functions, Corporate Events and Weddings became the mainstay of the business. Suits were still being made by hand but less and less.

The year 2000 saw a change in fashions once again. This time the fitted, tailored look became popular and made-to-measure suits were once more in vogue. This led to an increase in hand-made suits as well as an increase in the hire business as more couple chose a traditional theme for their weddings.

Throughout the 2000’s Jack Bunneys reputation has grown. With more and more service being introduced every year, the popularity and desire for the unique services of Jack Bunney Limited seem as strong as ever.

2008 sees the golden anniversary of Jack Bunney limited. In this anniversary year Jack Bunneys is adding to its all ready considerable number of services. Adding a prestige “Made-To-Measure Suit” service, which utilises the latest technologies and the experience of bespoke tailors.

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