Wednesday 16 January 2008

Whats going on now?

Its January so obviously we are having a January Sale???

... Well NO ! Having had a good 2007 we thought that this year we will forgo the whole January Sale nonsense. It seems that January sales start in November these days, so in themselves are pointless. For us thought they are even more pointless. If we were to reduce our retail items by 50-60-70% we would loose money on them and what would be the point in that??

So this year we are simply having some small special offers running throughout Janaury and preparing for the wedding season ahead. We are taking advantage of the time to prepare the collection and market our unique brand of formal wear for the 2008 season.

We are now over halfway through January and the signs are all pointing to the fact that we did the right thing. Our trade is similar to last January yet we have not had a January sale and the wedding season has started early this year. We are booking wedding parties right up until December!


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