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Adam & Alanna's Sophisticated Essex Wedding

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Adam & Alanna's Sophisticated Essex Wedding 

Our customers come from all over the U.K. and we meet all different types of people from all different backgrounds, however sometimes we are lucky enough to supply wedding suits to close friends and family.   These weddings are so special for us, not just for the obvious reasons, we also get to show off a little and bring our friends and family into our little wedding-y world and show them what we are all about.  

Here is Adam & Alanna’s Sophisticated Essex Wedding:


1.     How did you meet?

 Alanna and I met on a night out at which mutual friends were trying to set us up. Prior to us meeting they were trying to send us on a blind date but Alanna didn’t want to know as she believed I was too young for her (her toy boy by two years). Little did she know my receding hairline would always make me appear older than her! 

2.     The Proposal: was it planned? Surprise? Romantic? Spontaneous?

 My proposal was planned but it was a surprise to Alanna. I like to think it was romantic and Alanna definitely thinks it was as I proposed to her on her 30th birthday after we had spent the night in our first home which was still a building site with no carpets, no electricity and no heating. And it was October! My younger sisters Lauron and Steph helped me make the house as romantic as possible with birthday banners and little battery operated lights everywhere so we could see. I hid the ring under the bed, proposed to her on the morning of her birthday and the rest is history! 

3.     The Stag-Do – Details please! (This is being published online so not all the details!)

 For my stag do we went to Amsterdam for 3 nights with the best men and ushers only. All there is to say is that great laughs were had, there were 2 day hangovers and I put on ½ a stone in weight! 

4.     Wedding Planning: Which parts did you enjoy?  Which parts did you not?

 The worst part of the wedding planning was parting with our hard earned cash and the best part was that Alanna took on most of the organizing and I really didn’t have to do too much which I am grateful for! 

5.     Wedding Planning:  Did you feel involved in the planning?

 I did feel very involved in the planning of our wedding………but having said that I had little choice!

 6.     Wedding Planning:  What would you say your level involvement was in the planning?

 I had a lot of involvement in the wedding planning but luckily Alanna and I share many of the same thoughts and we didn’t disagree on anything. I also know Alanna has a good eye for detail so I was happy to go with her on the smaller points.

7.     Suits: (our favorite bit!) Tell us about your suit!  How did you find it?

 I saw the suit online and showed it my sister-in-law and brother-in-law to be. It just happened that Jack Bunneys is owned by my brother-in-law to be’s uncle and cousin so while this was handy in getting appointments and expert advice, I would have gone for the suits I had regardless as I loved them.  

 8.     Suits: Did you enjoy the process of sorting your suit?

 Jack Bunneys made the suit situation very smooth and I felt totally confident that everything was in hand the whole way through. The staff were brilliant and the service excellent and the advice offered on what suits we should go for was second to none. I would always recommend people to Jack Bunneys not only for wedding suits but for any type of dress wear needed. Jack Bunneys know exactly what they are talking about.

 9.     Suits: How many guys did you have in suits?

 We had myself, the groom, the father of the bride, the father of the groom and seven ushers!!!! 

The Wedding Day: 

1.     Tell us about your wedding day, what was it like? How did it feel?

 Our wedding day was the greatest day of my life so far. I enjoyed every second of it and didn’t want it to end. We had a brilliant party and both my wife and I felt very loved. Although parting with the cash was tough in the beginning it was worth every penny on the day. 

2.     Was there any funny stories or moments that you remember?

 We had a seaside themed wedding and as part of the theme we hired a candy floss machine. The machine set the fire alarm off and we had to evacuate the building as the evening guests were turning up. To lighten the mood on returning to the dance floor and to get the party started again I asked the DJ to play Prodigy’s ‘Fire Starter’ which gave everyone a giggle. 

3.     How do you think it all turned out?

 I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I couldn’t have had a better day and I wouldn’t have done anything differently 

4.     What were you most pleased with?

 I was most pleased with my new wife and being able to share our love with our friends and family. It truly is a lovely feeling to say you are married and introduce your better half as your wife.

 5.     Did you cry?

 I didn’t cry, but I did have a tear in my eye when I saw Alanna walking down the aisle.

 6.     How did the speeches go?  The best man’s speech?

 The speeches were fantastic. Some people at the wedding said both the best man and my speech were some of the best they had heard at a wedding and many thought we should go into the standup comedian industry. There were props, photos and undressing and ill leave it there! I will also mention that my father-in-laws speech was exceptional and I have been made to feel 110% welcome into my wife’s family and truly am treated as a son they never had (they have two girls). 

7.     In as few or as many words as you like try to describe the day overall?

 The day overall was the best of my life, a fantastic time was had by all and friends and family agreed. We wish those who could not be there were there of course but this did not affect the day for us as we know we were in their thoughts and those who have passed were with us also in spirit. It was a day we did not want to have to end!

 8.     Suits again!: How did the suits work out on the day?

 The suits on the day were perfect as I knew they would be. They fitted everyone like a glove and made us all feel very dapper! 

After the Wedding: 

1.     Was there a honeymoon?  If so where? And how was it planned?

 There was a honeymoon, we went to Rivera Maya, Mexico. It was planned through travel agent Thompson in Romford and was one of the best holidays we have ever had. 

2.     How was the immediate aftermath?

 The immediate aftermath was lovely, we were surrounded by friends and family until we left for honeymoon and the wedding was still being talked about when we returned from honeymoon. We felt very loved indeed. 

3.     Would you change anything about your wedding day?  Or the way it was planned?

 The only thing we would change about our wedding is to have the loved ones there who couldn’t make it. Oh and have a longer garage music set played at the reception as the half hour we did have, went down a treat! 

4.     Do you have any suppliers who you feel deserve special recognition or thanks?

 We feel that our wedding planners (our sisters) Lauren, Kelley, Lauren Pettet and Stephanie Callanan deserve a special mention as they all made sure everything ran smoothly on the day, that any issues were dealt with away from us and that we had a good time! 

5.     What advice would you offer to other grooms?

 My advice to other grooms would be to get involved and enjoy it. It isn’t just about the bride and her ‘girls’, allow yourself to get caught up in the hype because it is good fun!


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