Thursday 29 September 2011

Real Customers - Real Wedding Suits - The proof is in the pudding

The proof is indeed in the pudding.

It is not easy deciding which suppliers should be trusted for what many consider the most important day of your life. And it is very difficult to know how any particular supplier will perform on the actual day itself, that is why it is vitally important to rely on recommendation from friends or family.

But what if no one that you know has been married recently? Then you are reliant on your communication with the companies involved, if the communication is excellent it does not necessarily guarantee that that the service will be, so what then?

Well you need to do your research; look online for recommendations, for positive or negative reviews but most importantly of all, look at actual weddings that they have been involved with. Look online for real pictures, from real peoples weddings. Search blogs and Facebook pages to find actual wedding pictures and then you can make a truly informed decision on quality and service.

How many Men's Clothing Shops who offer a hire service, a made-to-measure service and a Bespoke Service have albums of actual weddings they have been involved with?

Here at Jack Bunneys we think sharing other couples experiences is vitally important to every new Bride & Groom we meet. So here are a couple of Links to Facebook, where you can view some real weddings and real wedding suits.

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