Thursday 22 September 2011

2012 . More new newsy news

The new website is really on its way this time!! Yay! Our website has been our portal to the world for so long, it has become an extension to the shop itself but it has grown tired. It is in desperate need over a major update. If for no other reason than my own sanity. The new site is currently in design and is only a matter of weeks away.

The newly designed Jack Bunney ranges however are a little delayed, this is because of difficulties with European fabric mills, these difficulties will be resolved in the next day or so, but could lead to delays in having the new designs in the shop and will certainly lead to delays in getting the new photo-shoot done and the new images on the website. I am afraid this is sometimes the price we pay to have our suits made from the best fabrics in Europe.

The new designs however will start to trickle into the shop as of the beginning of November. We are well aware of what they are and what they look like and I can reassure you all they will be worth the wait.

One more thing, just as a quick word of warning, we are currently getting a massive amount of inquiries and bookings for 2012. If you are thinking of using our services in 2012, please be aware you are going to have to book early, maybe even earlier than the 6 months we are recommending right now. I will keep you updated with the situation but it is something to consider.

I think this is all for now.


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