Monday 19 May 2008

What the ...... ?

My apologies for not posting for some time now. We have been enjoying an incredibly busy period and finding the time to sit down and think about the Bunney Blog has become increasingly difficult. However this post is evidence of my commitment to the Bunney Blog.
Over the next few weeks the following posts will appear on the Bunney Blog:

1. An Interview with Rob
2. An Interview with Peter
3. A Style Guide for s/s 2008
4. A guide to luxury clothing
5. The ideal wardobe
6. Controversial Accessories.

If you have any further ideas for posts on the Bunney Blog, or if you wish to participate in someway, or if you wish to pose myself, Rob or Peter a question please feel free to email me.

I hope you keep reading the Blog and enjoying our posts.

Thank You

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