Sunday 25 May 2008

Controversial Accessories (part one MAN - BAGS)

Controversial Accessories - part one MAN-BAGS

It turns out that despite my supposed knowledge of manly style, I am in fact a tart. I don't think I am a tart in the traditional sense. I am obviously not to be found at the "flirting marrieds nite" in my local Essex disco, wearing too much make-up, drinking Cinzano and trying to snog the bottle boy. I think the type of tart that I am supposedly comparable too is that type that wears a sarong and has precious metal for testicles. Obviously if I felt that my manhood was truly under threat I would not be sitting here blogging but rather hunting down the fiend who has encouraged these disparaging remarks however I am a confident chap. I have the ability to see beyond the near-sighted view of an all too common knee-jerk reaction.

Where some only see Man-Bag I see purpose. I see style, I see form and function combining perfectly. To me a man-bag is a useful tool to carry my things from my house to my place of work. I am sure that we all have things to carry from Home to work every day, don't we? I carry a book (maybe 2 or 3), my lunch, my phone, my keys, magazines, some work and sometimes my laptop. I prefer not to fill up the pockets of my suit and coat with a million things and then proceed to waddle down the road like an odd-shaped snowman. I refuse to carry a sporting bag or ruck-sack unless I am attending a sport or travelling. Every bag has a purpose and mine was designed to be worn with a suit but also carry my belongings. If this makes me a tart then so be it. Buy me a Cinzano and call me Tracey.

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