Wednesday 6 February 2008

2009 already?

Had another busy weekend, which then rolled into Monday and Tuesday. This busy period has been capped off by purchasing some new stock for the 2009 season.

Although Brown is still a hugely popular colour, we will not be adding any new browns for the 2009 season. Instead there will be more blacks and greys (traditional wedding colours) but nin lightweight, stylish, modern fits and cuts. Tailored jackets in slim-fits, 1 button single breasted styles with peak (DB shape) lapels.

These suits will be available to hire in 2009 and will have matching Tail suits ot compliment them.

In 2009 then we will be using more lounge (normal) suits, but in more luxurious fabrics and tailored fits. A return to tradition but with a twist of luxury.

I will keep you posted with the latest cuts and fits as and when I get images.

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