Tuesday 26 February 2008

Holland And Sherry

Once again our business has evolved. We recently introduced a new made-to-measure suit service to compliment our bespoke suit service. This service has become so popular that we are expanding the cloth ranges available. We are adding the Very BEST fabrics in the world.

H o l l a n d & S h e r r y H i s t o r y

Founded in 1836, Holland and Sherry is one of the oldest established cloth weavers and merchants in the world. Having been with the company for over 40 years Charles Stewart, Company Chairman, ensures that the company still retains a family atmosphere offering customers luxury service.

S u p e r F i n e W o o l Q u a l i t i e s
Written by Charles Stewart, Chief Executive, Holland & Sherry.Why are they now available?
The wool fibres required to produce these ultra fine qualities have always been available from fine Merino sheep albeit in limited qualities.
As tastes have increased for more aesthetic 'handle/feel' in luxurious qualities at higher prices - so the sheep farmer has been encouraged (by price) to take greater care of selected Merino sheep and to then sort out the finest throat and underbelly fibres into special lots. These special lots of fibres are then further subdivided/sorted by micron count:
14 to 15 micron fibre thickness = Super 170's15 to 15.5 micron fibre thickness = Super 150's15.5 to 16 micron fibre thickness = Super 140's16 to 16.5 micron fibre thickness = Super 130's and so on
How do they perform?
This depends on how thick, or thin, a yarn is spun to. Obviously such very fine fibres can be spun to very fine yarns. In fact most spinners accept this as a challenge, i.e. Who can spin the finest yarn? Doing this, as with the Holland & Sherry 'Masterpiece' quality produces 150/2 metric yarn, and an ultra lightweight cloth.
At Holland & Sherry - we have gone the other way and spun fine 16 micron fibres deliberately to thicker yarns 60/2 metric - to produce our 'Victory' qualities. The merit being a thicker and more rounded yarn where clients can not only feel the quality of these ultra-fine fibres but also that the cloth qualities are more robust. Our Victory quality Super 130's is in fact finer than most commercial cashmere.

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Anonymous said...

I'm wearing a Holland & Sherry suit as I write this. It is out of the Capehorn collection. One of the finest garments I've ever worn.