Thursday 29 March 2012

Berwick - Chocolate Brown suit - Discontinued (To Buy)

Over recent years we have had great success with our Chocolate Brown wedding suit range (The Berwick). They have proven excepetionally popular with our clients all over the world. It is with sadness that we have decided to stop supplying these suits to buy. We will of course continue to hire these suits for as long as there is a demand.

The range will however be re-invented for 2013 using the same fabric. A fantastic new design is currently in make and samples are being produced. This new range will bring a whole new concept to the 'brown wedding suits' which we became so well known for.

So why have we stopped producing our most popular retail suit package of recent years? Well the answer is rather simple, things MUST change. Fashions, cuts and fits have all changed considerably since we first embarked on a design process for a new 'brown wedding suit'. The styles of our latest 'Jack Bunney' designs are much slimmer fitting and tailored, rather than the casual more European style of the Berwick. Also there has been a noticeable decline in the demand for brocade (swirly) styles of waistcoats and cravats over recent months. In truth we are simply reacting to our customers demands and a decision has been made that to properly move on from this 'Jack Bunney' signature design we must first bring its life to an end so we can move onwards with our latest innovations.

Although I am sad that this, our most popular retail range ever, has come to an end, I am also excited for the future. More innovation is on its way and I hope that the future of the 'Brown Wedding Suit' is safe but in a new guise.

Thank You

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