Friday 22 October 2010

Jack Bunney - The Lifestyle - Sneak Peek No.1

In 2011 Jack Bunneys will be launching an exclusive lifestyle collection to purchase online. Each garment will be made to order and will feature some amazing design. Each garment will be unique in its own way but also inter-connect with each other.

The very first garment to be designed and produced for this collection is a wonderful pink herringbone shirt.

This shirt is 100% finest cotton.
This shirt is 100% non-iron finest cotton.
This shirt is a slim tailored fit.
This shirt also comes with a matching top pocket handkerchief.
This shirt has body darts to slim the waist.
This shirt has concealed buttons.
This shirt has thick anthracite buttons.

This shirt has our unique designer turn back fashion cuff.

This shirt has our unique collar shape with two top buttons.

This shirt is designed to wear in a witty casual formal manner. To be worn either with a tie or an ascot.
It will retail at £120.00 including Matching Handkerchief + P&P. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.

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