Monday 10 November 2014

2015 Wedding Suit Fashion - What Will Happen!

Earlier today I wrote a blog post about what I would like to see happen in Wedding Suit Fashion throughout 2015.  Here it is: Click 

However we all know what I would 'Like' to see and what actually 'Will'  happen are two very different things!

There are a few things that I am 100% convinced will be massively popular throughout 2015:

1.  Tweeds/Checks/Country

The whole country check and tweed suit thing will continue and grow throughout 2015.

Bespoke/Hire from Jack Bunneys

2.  Blue, Blue & More Blue

Blue is by far the most popular colour and this is going to continue throughout 2015.

Blue Wedding Suits from Jack Bunneys

3. Slim & Slimmer

Slim fit will continue.  Slim is becoming the usual and slimmer will be the new slim. (makes sense)

Slim Fitting Wedding Suits Jack Bunneys

4.  It's all about the Groom!

The groom wearing a different suit and being unique has been our preferred set-up for some years but I think this will become the usual in 2015.

Bespoke/Hire from Jack Bunneys

5. Collar Bars!

Everyone loves collar bars!  2014 saw a surge in collar bar sales and this can only continue to grow throughout 2015.
Collar Bar from Jack Bunneys

6.  Coloured shirts!

Why are wedding shirts always white?  Or do they have to be? in 2015 you will see less white and more colours.

Coloured Shirt Jack Bunneys

7.  The Waistcoat is back!

The biggest and most important trend for 2015 will be the waistcoat.  Over the last few years we have seen the decline and virtual extinction of the 'Wedding Waistcoat' but it is now time for it come back and it will be back bigger than ever!    Woollen waistcoats in flannels, tweeds, checks, tattersalls and doeskins.  Single breasted button 4 or 5, horseshoe, double breasted, double breasted horseshoe, with lapels and without!  All sorts of contrasting waistcoats worn by the groom!
I predict that by the end of 2015 the wedding waistcoat will be back!

Woollen Wedding Waistcoat

Tweed Country Wedding waistcoat

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