Monday 10 November 2014

2015 - Wedding Suit Fashion; what I would like to see happen!

Every year I like to make predictions about what I think will happen the next year in regards to 'Wedding Suits'    Most years I am mostly correct in my predictions,  last year I think I was 100% correct!
 In fact I think the fact that I posted the prediction in August 2013 by no means influenced why those things were so popular throughout 2014!   That post was one of the most popular blog posts I have ever done, it was read by literally 1000's of people!

Men's Wedding Fashion Trends - What Will Happen 2014 

I will write another post just like that one, where I predict what will happen. And I will probably by quite close to 100% correct again .. however!  I also wrote another blog post.  This post was about what I would 'Like' to see happen in 2014.

Men's Wedding Fashion Trends - What I would 'LIKE' to see happen in 2014

That post was not as popular!  But covered some great trends and some of those trends although not mainstream were certainly very popular throughout 2014.

So todays post is about what I would 'LIKE' to see happen in wedding suit fashions for 2015.  Not what I think will happen but rather what would happen if the whole world agreed with me!

No 1:

Flannel, Flannel and more Flannel.    

Tweeds are nice, mohairs are lovely but what about Flannel for a wedding suit?  Never considered it, then now is the time!  Flannel cloths do not have to be heavy or low quality, beautiful lightweight flannels give the comfort of a superfine wool and a quintessentially English country look.

Blue  Flannel 

No 2:

Patterned Waistcoats!

What!!!!!! patterned waistcoats are you sure?  Well yes actually but not those swirly polyester things, but what about a prince of wales check or fine tweed?  Contrast waistcoats give you a definitive wedding look but you do not have to have an ivory one!  Try flannels, checks, tweeds, tattersalls or doeskins.

Check waistcoats

No 3:


Ok so blue is really popular, it has been for years now!  But please can we all just try some other colours which are not black, blue or grey!   Just try brown, give it a go.  It can look great!  What about Burgundy?  sounds horrible, looks amazing!

brown wedding suit

Burgundy wedding suit

No 4:

Bow-Ties (again)

I say this every year!  But this year I am adding a caveat to my prediction, please please let bow-ties be popular but please please for the love of all things that can dress themselves learn to tie your bow! A ready-tied bow looks like a ready-tied bow.  This is fine if you are 8 years old, if you are 25 you look a little silly.  

Bow Tie wedding suit

No 5:


I would love to see (more than everything else I have stated) each and every customer dressed completely uniquely and perfectly 100% happy in their choice.  That is my ideal.  If that ever happens I will retire and leave this business forever because there would be nothing left to do! 

I would love for every groom to know exactly what he wants, to have done his research, to know about cloths and styles.  To be 100% happy that he has made an exact choice and it is as unique to him as his own DNA.   

So that is what i would like to see happen in 2015!  What will happen?  Well I have a very good idea. Blog post to follow shortly.

Bespoke Wedding Suit

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