Friday 10 October 2014

2014 Wedding Season, how did it go? Where do we go from here?

And.............. breath.

Well this weekend is the first weekend since spring that we are not Fully Booked for our wedding hire service.  So this weekend officially marks the end of our summer wedding season. (although we have some busy weekends coming up and Christmas is stacked!)

With a little breathing space (for once) I have been reflecting on how that all went!  It has been busy.  So that's obviously good.  But it's also been fun, inspiring and emotional.  We have seen some amazing weddings, met thousands of incredible humans and a handful of truly inspirational characters.

Sitting here at my computer surrounded by thank you cards, happy faces and smiling bride and grooms, it reminds me just how important my job is.  I know we only help in a small way towards the wedding but in our own small way we feel a part of the bigger whole.  Even if we just alleviate that little bit of stress (that most people, who don't come to JB,  have with wedding suits) then our job has been worthwhile, however sometimes we do more than that, we become part of the day, our suits and our service have an impact on the couple and their families, for just one day we have become honorary family members and we are celebrating your marriage with you, not in person but in our hearts.

To all those that thanked us in person, online, with a 'Thank You' card, with an email or on the telephone, I would like to express a heartfelt: You're Welcome! from all of us here at Jack Bunneys.

Here is just a tiny selection of Thank You cards from our wonderful and amazing customers.
Mr & Mrs Hinks

Mr & Mrs McCann

Mr & Mrs Dowling
To every single person who decided to use Jack Bunneys in 2014, I would like to express our thanks. It is your custom that allows us to still be here.  It is your ideas that keep us moving forward, it is your creativity and enthusiasm that drives us on and keeps us improving year on year.  On behalf of everyone here at JB,  Thank YOU! 

So what was 2014 all about? 
   Well as far as I can tell right now, 2014 was the year for creativity. It was the year to put your thinking cap on!  Every wedding was a little different a little unique, some more than others!   It was challenging, it was creatively inspiring but it was above all fun.  So 2014 was the year for creativity and fun!

Blue suits were still massively popular once again (the fourth year in a row) and I am not sure this trend isn't going to continue throughout 2015.  Slim-fit was also still the mainstay for us here at JB, but tailored fit has made a determined comeback in 2014!

Country-tweed and flannel cloths have also been hugely popular in our made-to-measure department throughout 2014.  The combination of both made-to-measure and hire suits seems to have also been the preferred option for grooms parties in 2014.

Throughout 2014 the most important trends for wedding suits have been:

  • 3.PIece Suits
3.piece wedding suit

  • Slim Fit 
Slim Fit Wedding Suit

  • All things Blue
Blue Wedding Suits

  • Country Checks and Tweeds
Country Check and Tweed Wedding Suits

  • Made to Measure Suits and shirts
Made to Measure Wedding Suit and Shirt
  • Made in Britain
Bespoke Wedding Suit

In 2014 we have also had some emerging trends for wedding suits:

  • Burgundy
Burgundy Wedding Suit

  • Double Breasted
Double Breasted Wedding Suit

  • Flannel Cloth
Flannel Wedding Suit

  • Tailored Fit

Tailored Fit Wedding Suit

Where are we going in 2015?

We have some new designs coming out, these take inspiration from all of the above.  We have an incredible new hire suit, which is going to be one of the best suits we have ever hired.  We have some new exclusive made-to-order designs, a new 'bespoke/hire' range and some amazing made-to-measure samples for you to see.

But more importantly than all of those things!  We will continue to be Jack Bunneys, we will be unique, we will take risks, not everyone will like us, we won't be all things to all people.  We will continue to produce products we love and we will continue to supply the best service we can.  Hopefully we can have another year just like this year in 2015!

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