Friday 5 September 2014

Sam & Jenna's Pastel Rustic Country Barn Wedding

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Sam & Jenna’s Pastel Rustic Country Barn Wedding.

Very often when I am featuring a wedding on this here blog, said weddings are from all over the UK and sometimes all over the world, but not today!  Today we have a beautiful local wedding.  This is Sam & Jenna’s beautiful rustic styled wedding from right here in Essex. 

The hero of our story is Sam...

 ...Once upon a time (summer 2005) Sam happened upon a beautiful young maiden by the name of Jenna whilst on a night’s frivolity with friends in the local town.    Our hero’s heart skipped a beat upon this sighting and he was determined to introduce himself to this fair maiden.   However his courage had run away from him. 
Upon the second evening our hero once again sighted this beautiful fair maiden (Jenna) and once again courage had failed him.
Sam, our hero, was however determined to find his courage from somewhere, when the fates gave him his third, and final, opportunity and on this occasion, Sam finally plucked the courage from the ethos and asked his fair maiden upon a date.   Jenna agreed. 

And so our matrimonial tale begins. …

A private and intimate proposal was what Sam desired, through our hero’s cunning and subterfuge did he manage to confuse and surprise his future bride.  Jenna alighted the stairs to find our hero on bended knee, bathed in candlelight, holding in one hand a single rose and an engagement ring in the other.   Fortunately for both Sam, and this story, Jenna agreed to his marriage proposal. 

The planning began in earnest. 

Sam was of course every bit the modern gentleman and was involved in all of the planning process.  Although conceded “I’m not going to lie Jenna was the Mastermind” 
‘The Mastermind’ had all of those amazing ideas, and our Sam gave his input where required and together decisions were made.   The wedding was starting to take shape!

Within this flurry of activity Sam had his priorities and there were some things that only the groom could plan!

“I loved picking the suits with my groomsmen, not often you have the chance to dress in anything so dapper and it was a pleasure choosing. (Also an excuse to sneak in a few beers during the fittings).”   Were the exact words from Sam.
So Sam was prioritizing both suits and beer.  (A customer most definitely suited to Jack Bunneys delicate sensibilities)

“From start to finish, every visit to the shop was so professional and efficient, you guys made it look easy! Every groomsmen commented on how good the service was. I can honestly say the suits was one of the only parts of the wedding we didn’t have to worry about!”   Said Sam.

(And we doth our cap to you kind sir.) 

With this ringing endorsement of our own good services recorded upon this story we shall move on to more important issues.  The wedding day itself!

Our hero has some eloquent words of his own on this subject:

“We had a rustic themed wedding at Gaynes Park, Coopersale. The ceremony was in their orangery followed by a drinks reception in their beautiful walled garden. The wedding breakfast and evening reception was held in their large converted barn which had so much character! I know its very cliché but it really was the best day of my life! It really was everything we wanted and more. I just remember laughing and smiling from start to finish. I will never forget the image of Jenna when I first glanced to see her in her dress for the first time walking down the aisle.”

“Everything turned our perfectly! We honestly couldn’t have asked for anything to be different – the sun even shined on us all day! “

Surely amongst all of the matrimonial festivities you could choose one part that really stood out as being the most pleasing?

“I couldn’t choose one thing. Every element worked so well together and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

And together our hero and his fair maiden rushed off to the mysterious kingdom of the Maldives, to reflect upon their perfect day of matrimony.

We have now reached the end of my story and I am sure you all know how all the best stories end:

….. And They Lived Happily Ever After. 

On behalf of every one at Jack Bunneys we would like to wish Sam & Jenna a huge congratulations and we hope that there are many, many, many, more chapters to your story.

Sam & Jenna would like to say a special thank you to Gaynes Park for being wonderful!  To Jasmine Jade photographer for being awesome! And Red Magnolia florist for being incredible!  All of these suppliers went above and beyond!

 To view more incredible images from this wedding please follow this link to this blog post from Jasmine Jade wedding Photography: 


1. Photographer: Jasmine Jade – / 07791 145010
2. Venue: Gaynes Park – 01992 660329
3. Wedding Dress: The Bride, St Albans – 01727 848900
4. Flowers: Red Magnolia (Jill Brewis) – / 01245 697925
5. Make-up – Carly Davies, Beyond Beauty, Hertford – / 01992 660194

Caterer: Galloping Gourmet (based out of Gaynes Park) – / 01992 572791

Others: Photo Booth – King of the Booth – 07811 735902


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