Thursday 1 May 2014

2014, the story so far! (& was Marc right?)

Hi All,
As usual at this time of year I have no time at all to myself! Which means my Tweeting & Blogging comes to a virtual standstill. But as usual I have to remind myself that my Tweeting, blogging & vlogging is an integral part of what we do here.  Communicating with our current customers and potential customers is key to our continued success.  Sharing our images, our ideas and a little of ourselves with you, the public, is what makes us unique.  Our little business has always been a bit different, and the only way I can explain this to the world is to literally show you! That means pictures, tweets, videos and blogs.

So todays blog is about 2014. Back in 2013 I made certain predictions about this year and it is now time to find out if I was right!  I wrote two posts, one of what I would 'Like' to happen in 2014 and one for the things I thought 'Will' happen in 2014.

1. Like to Happen in 2014 Click

2. Will Happen in 2014 Click 

In the first post, the very first thing I listed was 'Double Breasted' wedding suits.  Well this one hasn't really happened.  I still think it is coming it just hasn't happened yet.  Which is a shame. This is going on my 2015 list!

Double Breasted Wedding Suit from Jack Bunneys
Next I went on to different coloured wedding suits.  Well I am pleased to say this has happened! Yay! We are using 'Burgundy' and 'Brown' wedding suits every week now, so that is huge! For years, black blue and grey have been the staple. To break that mould is awesome!

Burgundy Wedding suit from Jack Bunneys
I then went onto say 'Fancy Waistcoats' but not the swirly types, but rather than matching waistcoats, different colours and patterns. Specifically woollens, flannels and tweeds.  Well I was 100% bang on with this one too!  This has been hugely popular all over, not just here at JB.

Blue York from Jack Bunneys
And lastly I said bow-ties!  I say this every year and every year, it never really seems to breakthrough.  In some ways I am kind of glad about this. It keeps the use of bow-ties to the more eccentric or daring. I am some what grateful it isn't main stream as this would detract from the idea of wearing something quirky!
Blue Wedding Suit with Bow tie from Jack Bunneys
So those were the things I would 'Like' to see in 2014 and to be honest I am very pleased! 50% of the things I wanted to see in 2014 are now proving popular.  So I am over the moon!  I am sure by 2015, the rest will have taken hold. Well maybe not bow-ties!

The other post predicted what we would actually see in 2014.  And to be honest I was 100% correct!  All of those things that were popular in 2013 are still popular now!

3.Piece Suits:
Three Piece Blue Suit
Blue Wedding Suits:
Blue Wedding Suits
U-shaped Waistcoats:
U-shaped waistcoats
Slim Everything:
Slim Black Wedding Suit
Tie Bar
The conclusion to draw from these posts is simple.  I am right.  Mostly.

Out of the 9 predictions I made back in June/July 2013.  7 of them have become true and two of those were a surprise even for me!

In a few months I will be making my predictions for 2015 and I have a good idea of what I would like to see and a pretty good idea of what I will actually see.  Maybe I can be 100% right next year!


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