Friday 1 November 2013

What's Been Happening - All the latest stuff !

It is an exciting time here at JB!  So much is going on, it's hard to keep track of it all!

Yesterday we started our new Vlog, in an effort to keep everyone informed of what's new and what's happening.  However we had so much fun making the video we kind of forgot to mention most things! So here is a quick run down of the things I forgot to tell everyone:

1. We now have a new colour in the 'York' Suit.   This colour is a RED!  Yes that's right a RED!!! I know, its radical but trust me it's cool!

2. We now have 2 new colours in our 'Pure Wool' double and single breasted waistcoats.  A Smoky Blue and a Dusky Pink.  This waistcoat but in the new colours:

3. Our Evening Wear Hire department is being completely 100% renewed.  We are starting again, with all new suits.   As of 2014 all our evening suit hires will be fine lightweight fabrics, slim fits and the very best quality.

4. The will be a new colour in the Bespoke/Hire!  The Bespoke/Hire will have a third package available.  This will be with the Red York.

5. Our 'Featured Grooms' Blog feature will be launched properly in 2014.  After a good test throughout 2013, our new blog feature will be a staple of our Bunney Blog, throughout 2014.  These blog posts will tell the story of a wedding but from the point of view of a Bunney groom.   Here is a very cool example:

6. Our new Website!!!  Now this one is really exciting! The new website will feature lot's of new images.  Lots of new products and a whole new look for Jack Bunneys.  It is promising to be quite spectacular!   Going Live 1st of December 2013.    

7.  Secret Squirrel Things:  There are also some other things in the pipeline, which as yet we cannot talk about,  but these are hopefully going to pan out! New products, new ideas, new services.  

8. And yes, the Vlog.  I must admit this was a bit of a whim on my part! I really wanted to tell everyone about the exciting things happening for 2014 and wanted to tell people personally. So my idea was a video-blog.   I only expected to do the one, just for fun! But we enjoyed making it so much I am hoping that we can do one of these every single week!

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