Tuesday 12 November 2013

New for 2014 - Number 9 of 10 - The Richmond - New Colour

One of Jack Bunneys signature wedding suit designs in recent months has been the 'Richmond'  This is a modern, slim-fitting, fashionable wedding suit.  An alternative to mainstream fashion suits and made by Jack Bunneys to fit perfectly.

Here is the Richmond:

The Richmond Suit has always been avaialable in two fabrics.  The silk; in black and navy.  And the mohair, in black, blue and silver.  

In 2013 we added a dark grey.

Now for 2014 we are adding yet another colour.  Another colour which is 100% exclusive to Jack Bunneys:

Let me introduce you to the new colour of the Richmond slim-fitting wedding suit, the Burgundy:

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