Tuesday 12 November 2013

New for 2014 - Number 7 or 10 - New waistcoat colours

Over the last few years we have seen a definitive decline in the 'Wedding Waistcoat' those traditional brocade, patterned, swirly waistcoats have become irrelevant to us here at Jack Bunneys.   However with the decline of that style of waistcoat we have seen the rise of the plain pure wool waistcoat.

Traditionally these waistcoats were used with morning suits and were dove grey or a buff colour..

In 2013, these ranges were exceptionally popular for us.  Not only with traditional morning suits, but also with our Vintage Hire Suit, the York.

We have decided to expand on these classic waistcoats and introduce some new colours.

Let me introduce to you the pure wool hire waistcoat in Smoky Blue, both single breasted and double breasted.  (Pictured here with the two current colours, the Dove Grey & Buff Colour)

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