Tuesday 12 November 2013

New for 2014 - Number 6 of 10 - Harrogate & Worcester - Combined

The Harrogate range of slim fitting wedding suits has been our most popular grooms hire suit for a couple of years now.  This slim fitting ceremony suit is perfect for young, modern, fashionable grooms. However this style is not always the most flattering for the rest of the wedding party.  So for the last few years we have been hiring the Worcester range of suits to compliment the Harrogate.

The Groom will wear the Harrogate, modern, slim fitting ceremony suit whilst the ushers, dads etc. will wear the tailored fitting, regular suit, the Worcester.    
This has always worked fantastically well for us, however we wanted to integrate these two ranges further.  
So we have done a number of things.  One: We have introduced the u-shaped waistcoat to the Worcester range, to match the Harrogate.  Two: We have introduced a slimmer fitting trouser for the Worcester range, to match the Harrogate.  Three: We have changed the colour of the grey to a darker grey which is of the same type of fabric as the Harrogate range.  

So here is the Harrogate/Worcester Ranges together:

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