Tuesday 12 November 2013

New for 2014 - Number 5 of 10 - New Colour in Worcester Range - Dark Grey

Way back in 2008 we introduced the world to the first slim fitting wedding hire suit.  The Worcester.

Here is a link to that original post, all those years ago.  Click.

Back then the Worcester suit was the slimmest suit you could hire.  Now we no longer call this range slim-fit.  We call this range slim-line or tailored fit.  Other ranges we do are now slimmer than this one and we call those ranges slim-fit, ranges such as the Harrogate.  

The Worcester was originally designed to compliment the morning suits, or Oxford Premium range.  However it soon became apparent they were popular in their own right.  Pretty soon they became our most popular range.   Now in 2013 the Worcester range is in need of a make-over!  

Part of this overhaul of the Worcester range is to replace the Grey fabric with something that was lightweight and finer than the one currently being used.  

Let me introduce to you the new colour in the 'Worcester' range of slim-line, tailored fitting, wedding hire suits:

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