Tuesday 12 November 2013

New for 2014 - Number 4 of 10 - New Colour of Hire suit - Burgundy!

In 2012 we introduced you to a new idea in wedding suit hire, 'Vintage Wedding Suit Hire'   This was Jack Bunneys interpretation of what suits should be worn for a 'Vintage' style of wedding.  When we designed this new range we originally intended to use 3 unusual colour-ways.  1. A smoky blue  2. A chocolate brown and 3. A burgundy.    

We always intended the 'York' range to be the alternative, to be different, to not be everyone's taste.  It was designed for the clients who were having a wedding that was different, or unusual and wanted to wear something that is not fancy-dress but suitable for their wedding!  

I think this alternative view has been represented perfectly in this new colour.  Yes some will hate it and that is all the more reason why some will love it! 

Well, it's taken a while but the last colour for the York range has finally been introduced!

I would like to introduce you to the countries first Burgundy Wedding Suit Hire, the York:

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